Strict Teacher vs Lenient Teacher Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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When it comes to the argument which kind of teacher is more efficient, the view varies from person to person. Some people will choose a strict teacher because disciplining badly behaved students will lead to more effective studying. Others may think an easy going teacher is more efficient. In my opinion, I agree with the latter view for the following reasons. First of all, an easygoing teacher stimulates students interests in study. As a proverb says, interest is the best teacher, only when students are truly interested can they have motivation and energy to learn knowledge.

For instance, when it comes to a difficult subject, an easygoing and humorous teacher will use great amount of vivid examples and jokes to ease the atmosphere. What is more, students will gain better understanding through examples and jokes. Especially to primary school students, considering their age and mentality, the loose teaching method will increase students curiosity and creativity. Under these circumstances, students learn more effectively. Furthermore, students communicate better with easygoing teachers.

Compared with strict teachers, students are eager to ask questions and are not afraid of making mistakes when facing easygoing teachers. Through my own experience, when I confront a difficult problem, I usually try my best to solve it. However, sometimes, though studying for a long time, I cannot figure out the right answer and I will ask my teachers for help. The easygoing teacher, rather than the strict teacher who may blame me for not studying hard, will answer my question patiently and encourage me to carry on.

The relationship between an easygoing teacher and students is similar to that of friendship, under this harmonious atmosphere, students obtain confidence and learn more efficiently. In addition, students personalities will be influenced by easygoing teachers and eventually acquire outstanding characteristics such as humor, collaboration, and geniality. Easy going teachers will not only teach students knowledge, but also help students form excellent personalities. Being nice people contributes to active participation in group discussions in class.

Statistics show that easygoing people are more likely to listen to others advice and express their opinions in an acceptable way. For this reason, easygoing students are welcomed in any study groups and they are the people that offer help the most. In a nutshell, easygoing teachers bring students tremendous benefits. Students gain interest in their study, are more confident and form brilliant personalities. These traits not only enable them study effectively, but also be successful in future. Reference: http://xfyu-1980. blog. 163. com/blog/static/98341628200981510254734/.

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