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Published: 2020-02-17 15:12:50
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I am proud of my achievements because I worked hard to earn all of these. In Secondary Three I earned the semester award for the highest history average. I receive the said award 3 consecutive times, marking me as the student with the highest history average in the entire school. I was also awarded with the highest English average twice, with both of the classes being an equivalent of Grade 10 History and English, respectively (although chronologically only an equivalent of Grade 9).

In addition to the aforementioned awards, I also achieved an A on English during the Second Language IGCSE Examinations, an A on E Math IGCSE examinations, and a B in the History IGCSE Examinations. All the said examinations were all taken a year earlier than normal (I was in Grade 9, and 14 years old, the regular being at the completion of Grade 10 and 16 years old) all the IGCSEs the equivalent of Grade 11 subjects relative to their counterpart subjects in Canada.

I also bagged the third prize during the Science Forum with my team around the same time. Additionally, I was elected as a Student-Relations Officer, wherein my responsibility is to hold forums for students and votes and statistics on student views and opinions. In spite all of my achievements, I pride myself more on the distinction I have here in Canada.

If any of the accomplishments stand out, I believe it is my completion of grade 11 with five subjects at the age of fifteen with a nineties average that truly counts as a special achievement. It is in hardship, dedication and passion that one person can succeed. As I look back and recall all of my achievements, I believe I have what it takes to be successful in my chosen field someday.

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