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The overall assessment of the market may not reflect its true form. But looking at it more closely, it would seem that the subjective part of the analysis agrees with the objective part for a number of reasons. Firstly, the market demand for Denmark is considerably large, couple this with the lower tax than any of the countries it would really seem to be of the best choice. Spain, on the other hand, poses the highest task, with a considerably large market loaded with substitutes that may hinder the proliferation of the products of the distillery in question.

Northern Ireland would logically be a good choice, if we dont take in mind that, the market would have to be loaded with competitors on each others throats. It would be market suicide to try to penetrate a market full of veteran companies that may swallow the companys products in one of their marketing campaigns. Decision Alternatives ¢ The first alternative with the marketing of these products is to offer the public a bargain of selling two bottles at the same time with a slightly lower price of the two bottles.

Accompanied by massive publicity that includes radio commercials and even television commercials, The method would work two-ways: point-of-sale, information that the consumers would get in the retail shops would be the same as the ones that would be heard in the radio and television. Secondly, information dissemination. With the massive publicity, the company gets to introduce their new products that would somehow make an impact on the viewers or listeners choice. ¢ Taking adavantage of your strengths would be the second alternative to be considered.

Previous experience dictates that the market has treated the company nicely when it came to mail order purchases. If you would be able to make the necessary adjustments in your mail order service in the host country, then you would be able to gain a share of the market. Advertising is important and should therefore be taken into consideration. The mail orders can be accompanied by leaflets that tell of the companys other products and invitations to go to the distillery and see the Visitors Shop. The Visitors Shop was the provider of the profits before, it might the provider again.

¢ Discount offerings would be the third alternative. This allows us to offer the products in slightly lower introductory prices so that the public may taste your product for lower prices. This proves to be a good and bad mood at the same time. The competitors may lower their price, forcing you to lower your price even more, at profits expense. Or you could get a significant share of the market if the public gets satisfied with the offer, and especially satisfied with the products offered. ¢ The final alternative would be advertise heavily and rely solely on the marketing effects of your strategies.

This would be a big gamble on the companys part as they would spend and incur costs at an increasing rate. The rate of spending, however, may not be accompanied with positive results as the distillery would then depend on the reactions of the public on their advertisement. A positive effect would be a partial gain in your market share and hopefully improve your market position. A negative effect, however, would entail additional costs without pay-offs. Although advertising is never a bad investment, for a small company like that of The Olde Distillerie cannot afford to lose largely on its first attempt to enter the market.

Final Decision The alternative that should be considered is that of the second alternative. This alternative not only gives profit for the organization but this could be the initial move that a new company may have. This initial move can be the first of the series of ideas that may spawn from the initial move. Improvements on the idea, additional perks, or just plain advertising would be the next moves that would be coupled with the strengths of the company. Furthermore, the strengths of the company are the same strengths that may help them survive in a new market.

A different market that may hurt or help them. Contingency Plan If ever that the final decision alternative would not be effective, The Olde Distillerie may take the first alternative, the bargain of two bottles. This gives a sense of cheapness to the drink but would also be seen as an opportunity for the public to try something new. A small discount on this account may be explored further so that they may find new ideas to their marketing strategies.

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