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Published: 2019-12-01 07:03:00
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Good behaviour in all aspects of school life is necessary. We are providing high standard of discipline and behaviour. By adhering to this policy we aim to recognise and promote positive behaviour and in doing so, will help to promote self-esteem, self-discipline and build positive relationships based on mutual respect, consideration and tolerance. The policy is not only aimed at pupils, but to all who are involved in the school community, from parents to governors, to staff etc. in order to be able to apply it consistently. Everyone work hard to help children to keep up high standards of behaviour, so they can use their time in school effectively to learn and develop. We are encouraging children to do their best, establishing in them a sense of self-respect and independence by praising their efforts and being interested in them as individuals. It is our aim to instil in children a sense of respect for the feelings, needs and interests of other people, like also commitment and pride in the school.

Fundamental reasons of this policy are being followed to make sure that all children know that they have the right to learn, every teacher has the right to teach and everybody in school has the right to feel safe, secure and happy by being part of school community.

We believe its very important to make children feel proud of themselves and show them the appreciation of their self-development and creativity. That is why we are using rewards such as weekly certificates, house points, golden tickets, marble jars or written reports and newsletters to parents, to let them know personally, that their children are doing well. We also believe we must signify very clearly negative behaviour. To make an effort on that we have created three Golden Rules to help us make that strategy real. First Golden Rule says do what an adult tells you to do the first time, so children can identify their authorities and people whose behaviour they should follow, so defiance or deliberate disobedience will be absolutely intolerable. Second Golden Rule is about keeping your hand and feet and other object to yourself.

In our school community its completely unacceptable to indicate danger or harm, like physical violence and threats to another person or racism towards children, which is regard as extremely serious and we always take constant action against it. We always try to make sure, that all racist incidents are being reported by our grownups. No put downs or swearing is the third rule, which is same important as the rest two of them. We are trying to create nice and friendly atmosphere at our work place, like also develop childrens communication skills without using any unnecessary or abusive vocabulary. Procedures for handling unacceptable behaviour in our facilities are followed to deal with children, whose behaviour is opposite to our school rules or is any different way perilous. We are using 1-2-3 exit method in the classroom, dinner hall and playground.

This system is utilized, while the inappropriate behaviour is identified. The teacher gives first warning to a child, if it continues to be disobedient, they are given second one, after third, if the misbehaviour still persists and then exit, which means they are sent to another classroom to work alone in silence for some period specified by teacher. After that procedure, teacher and student must go through talk and complete Exit Form, which makes them think about all the effects and to make sure, they know what they have done wrong or who they have affected and how to change it, to not make it happen again. This form is kept in childs behaviour record, monitored by the Head Teacher and definitely, parents have to be informed. That might also result in the child missing future trips and the other school events. Anti-social behaviour, which affects everyone, is unacceptable and will not be tolerate is bullying.

There are three types of bullying: physical (using physical violence), verbal (name calling with racist remarks) and indirect (spreading rumours about someone). It is our responsibility to keep that kind of behaviour away from happening, because pupils who are being bullied can show negative changes in their attitude, like becoming shy and nervous, taking unexplained absences or pretending illness. We must encourage them to report bullying in schools and be alert to the signs of it, so we can react promptly and solve the problem as soon as possible by following the school policy steps. All the head teachers are response, under the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 to follow procedures to avoid bullying among pupils and make people around or working with them, to pay more attention about this rules.

That kind of incidents will be dealt immediately by one of the member of staff, recorded and given to the head teacher, who will take an action. Parents must be kept informed about every record in a file of child and sanctions might be used after consultation and investigating all people who were concerned. Pupils will be supported by the member of staff, by discussing and investigating what happened, who was involved and what was done wrong and will be necessary to change. We will also offer help with restoring self-esteem and confidence if needed. Exclusion may be taken as a disciplinary step.

Within the set of courses the school will be more aware of the problem of bullying through education in PSHE, tutorials and assemblies to completely eliminate that sort of behavioural matter. We are all members of the school community, we as a teachers and staff, you as a parents, and of course our children. We all have duties and responsibilities to follow, to make our lives easier more comfortable and secure. These policies have been created to help us turn those rules into a life and make our schools safe and happy environment to learn, play and grow up for everyone, with no exceptions.

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