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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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The explanation of speech is The expression of or the ability to express thoughts and feelings by articulate sounds or A persons style of speaking To speak is to physically be able to produce the individual sounds and sound patterns of our language, or articulate, to be able to produce speech with appropriate rhythm, and free of stuttering behaviour, and to produce speech with an appropriate vocal quality for age and sex.

While speech involves the physical motor ability to talk, language is a symbolic, rule governed system used to convey a message. In English, the symbols can be words, either spoken or written. We also have gestural symbols, like shrugging our shoulders to indicate I dont know or waving to indicate Bye Bye or the raising of our eye brows to show that we are surprised by something.

Language can be defined as being made up of socially shared rules that include the following: ¢What words mean (e.g., star can refer to a bright object in the night sky or a celebrity) ¢How to make new words (e.g., friend, friendly, unfriendly) ¢How to put words together (e.g., Peg walked to the new store rather than Peg walk store new) ¢What word combinations are best in what situations (Would you mind moving your foot? could quickly change to Get off my foot, please! if the first request did not produce results)

You can have language without having speech. Though speech and language are related, you do not have to have speech to have a language. How? The best example of this is the use of Sign Language.

Communication A way of sending signal/information to other people. Includes body language, facial expressions, gesture and language Communication involves: Sending information (Verbally o non verbally) Receiving information Interpretation Understanding information Communication refers to how we interact with others: ¢ Language is used to represent concepts and thoughts ¢ Using language in different ways; to question, clarify, describe etc. ¢ Non-verbal rules of communication; good listening, looking at people Language Structured communication with a set of symbols that are spoken written or signed. Language refers to speaking and understanding language: ¢ Using words to build up sentences, sentences to build up conversations and longer stretches of spoken language ¢ Understanding and making sense of what people say. Speech Vocalized language Speech refers to: ¢ Saying sounds accurately and in the right places in words ¢ The sounds people use to communicate words ¢ Speaking fluently, without hesitating, or prolonging or repeating words or sounds ¢ Speaking with expression with a clear voice, using pitch, volume and intonation to support meaning.

Speech, language and communication needs Children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) find it difficult to communicate with others. Some children find it hard to understand what is said to them, form words and construct sentences, find the right words to express thoughts and feelings, and understand rules for social interaction and conversation. SLCN can have a lasting effect on childrens lives. Studies of children with SLCN have shown that children whose language difficulties are unresolved by the time they start school are more likely to have later academic, social and emotional difficulties associated with their language difficulty.

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