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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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1: McDonalds has been a thriving business since 1955. It was started by 20 of the top 50 corporate staff employees as a restaurant level employee. In addition, 67,000 of the McDonalds restaurant managers and assistant managers were given a promotion from lower management level. Fortune Magazine in the year 2009 listed McDonalds to be their 16th Most Admired Company in the world. McDonalds invests heavily about more than 1 billion dollars every year in training and developing its staff, and approximately 250,000 employees graduate from McDonalds training facility every year.

2: McDonalds is a global company operating in approximately 23,500 restaurants in 109 countries.

The spread over different regions of the world gives McDonalds the ability to withstand economic fluctuations which are localized by country and can also operate effectively and efficiently in an economic downturn due to the social needs. 3: McDonalds takes the safety of the food very seriously. About 2000 inspections checks are performed at every stage of the food process. WEAKNESSES:

1: McDonalds experiences high employee turnover in their restaurants which leads to more money being spent on training. 2: It is observable that McDonalds mostly advertises its products and food items that are targeting children. It is noticed that billboards always carry the advertisements of a Happy Meal and any other deal that is targeted for the kids mainly. 3: Health conscious people might sometime complain that McDonalds does not provide them with the organic and healthy food. This has become their major weakness. OPPORTUNITIES:

1: McDonalds can take initiative to introduce healthy hamburgers and healthy drinks for the people who are health conscious, mainly. 2: McDonalds can start online services for their customers so that they can order their desired meals sitting at home with great ease and accessibility. 3: In order to be environmentally friendly, McDonalds can also use packaging material which can be recycled later or material which does not create pollution. THREATS:

1: McDonalds can face a huge problem of emerging competition of similar outlets. 2: McDonalds worldwide outlets can be affected greatly by recession in any country. 3: People who are facing heart problems and obesity generally tend to accuse McDonalds for not providing them with the healthy food.

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