Swot for Gluten Free and Sugar Free Product Essay

Published: 2019-10-10 05:35:11
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Gluten free cereal

1.Strength The production requires low costs and we can adopt technology from other companies. A gluten-free diet is used to be the treatment for celiac disease. People with celiac disease who eat gluten-free Kelloggs cereal can be a relief of controlling the signs and symptoms and preventing complication.

2 . Weakness In some severe cases, a gluten-free diet cannot relieve the disease that doctors might prescribe medicines to support the immune system. Moreover, the risks involve not getting enough vitamins. As Kelloggs gluten-free cereal are not enriched by such nutrients, like fiber and iron, people who follow this diet may have lower level of certain vitamins. Avoiding grains with rich vitamins may eat fewer of these products. Also, it can be dangerous not sticking to the gluten-free diet. If eat food that cereal contains gluten by accident, it is possible to suffer from abnormal pain and diarrhea. Even small amounts of gluten can damage their intestines(Mayo clinic staff, 2011)

3. Opportunity Gluten-free diets have become a trend recently not only for celiac diseases. Besides, because gluten-free products are not always available, many gluten-sensitive patients dont consume the recommended amount every day. Kelloggs can provide the food for them(Mayo clinic staff, 2011).

4. Threat There are already a few different brands of gluten-free cereal available. The brands are Lowans, Basco, Carmans, Big oz organics, Bobs Red, Brookfarm and Freedom foods. These companies can be a threat to kelloggs that needs to be competitive to survive in the healthy food section.

Sugar-free cereal

1. Strength Suger-free cereals are a perfect breakfast choice for people with diabetes disease, or low- carb or no-carb diet, or healthier consideration. The costs for producing sugar-free cereal are low because the raw materials are easily accessible and easy to learn the technology. We can use artificial sweeteners. This in return can reduce the money of Kelloggs. We can develop various taste and shape for all life stages.

2. Weakness Artificial Sweeteners are Sugar free but not risk free. Many of the artificial sweeteners that are sold by the companies today contain potentially harmful chemicals which have long term consequences. Aspartame causes headaches and migraines with regular consumption over a period of time and increase the depression. Sucralose causes thymus glands to shrink (up to 40% shrinkage) and enlargement of liver and kidneys. As of now, Sucralose is deemed safe for consumption by most of the experts. On the other hand, Aspartame with innumerable claims of side effects needs to be taken off markets until it is proven to be completely safe(Yadavar, 2012). Artificial sweeteners dont work as a weight loss technique and zero calorie sugar substitutes increase weight gain(Kienlen, 2008).

3. Opportunity According to a teaspoon guide to Australian breakfast cereals, Kelloggs is among the highest amount of sugar and health nuts with some of the other entries in the worst 10.

4. Threats There are existing and potential competitors in the marketplace. The brands are Carman, Lowan, Uncle Tobys, sanitarium, Special K. To be successful, Kelloggs must reduce sugar to attract more consumers.

CSR Objectives Corporate social responsibility is an essential part of Kellogg. The commitment is to enrich and delight the world with the food and brands for all ages of people, which is doing the right thing for the community. We believe that the csr can enhance the image of the company, improve the reputation among stakeholders and therefore make profits from it.

Kelloggs seeks to concentrate on nutrition and physical fitness through product donation for the hungry, as well as programs that educate families about nutrition that nourishing families so they can have a healthy living(Kelloggcompany, 2011). The Kellogg is continuing to innovate a century later, offering cereals that are affordable, convenient to prepare and eat, and tasty. It will also reduce ingredients such as sugar that consumers want less of while increasing fiber, whole grains, vitamins and other nutrients(Kelloggcompany, 2011).

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