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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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One story about water pollution that might have caught the attention of the world is the one put into the movie, Erin Brokovich. The link to the introduction of this story can be found on the following address: http://www. lawbuzz. com/famous_trials/erin_brockovich/erin_brockovich_ch1. htm. The story, which really happened in real life, is more on the litigation process but the truth and the cause of it is the pollution of water with hexavalent chromium or chromium 6 causing stomach cancer.

This problem, which was caused by Pacific Gas and Electric company, would have been prevented if it had not dumped 370 ,000,000 galloons of the cancer-causing chemical in the water. These problems are actually being handled at the present on similar situations. Companies become more aware and put environmental aspect on their goals which is both good for the public and for the health of the business itself.. 2. The greatest problem that is caused by the use of oil and other fossil fuels is GREED.

With greed, anything is possible. Humans are capable of killing each other to take control of oil wells, take over oily nations and the worst, humans, to have big profits from oil, do not think of the pollution it causes, especially to air and water. It also damage the habitat of ocean creatures when the oil is to be rigged and extracted. Without oil, no one would be too greedy to have it. 3. 1. Growing population causes loss of biodiversity.

Biodiversity loss are caused by human settlements displacing plants and animals. Forests are converted into human villages; lands for plants and woods are converted into cities and real estates; dynamite fishing kills water species to provide for human consumption. On the other hand, to feed the growing world, agriculture must be enhanced. Genetic engineering and biotechnology, which are the processes needed for improving food production, cause much loss to biodiversity.

Agriculture is considered by some agro-ecologists to be probably the single most important factor contributing to the general global decline in biodiversity. (Biodiversity Loss and Public NA) 3. 2 Ecosystem gets destroyed and becomes imbalanced caused by too many humans on earth. Humans must interfere with the natural ecosystem in order to survive and to support the growing number of lives on earth. Humans cause genetic erosion on plants and animal when humans force greater production and greater frequency of hatching to gain money and feed the earths population.

3. 3 Too much population causes too much pollutants. One element that makes the climate change on the earth is the imbalance of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is emitted by pollution and other human activities. Although carbon dioxide is the biggest cause of greenhouse effect, water vapor and methane also cause climate change. Thus, more humans, more garbage, more incinerators, more gases, more climate change damaging the earth..

To reduce the above mentioned effects of growing population on earth, humans must think of sustainable way to exist and to continue to exist. This means reducing pollutants, garbage, protecting the environment and conserve any natural resources possible. This means no dumping garbage or candy wrappers in the drain, recycling of used motor oil, recycling water and everything recyclable, turning off lights and other electrical appliances when not needed.

This may sound a bit difficult for the humanity (because humans are not very disciplined) but if humans would encounter big risks on harming the environment, sooner or later, they will realize what is best to do to continue to live on this earth. Sustainable agriculture, sustainable consumption would mean sustainable life on earth!


Biodiversity Loss and Public Health;. Manila Bulletin 18 Mar. 2007: NA. Questia. 22 May 2008 .

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