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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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As a team, we are aware of the term diversity, and how diversity is tied to our teams strategy. A good definition of diversity is the uniqueness each team member brings to the resolution of the project at hand. This includes differences such as race, gender, culture, background, education and thinking styles. It also encompasses subtle dimensions such as experience, sexual orientation, physical appearance, and position each member takes on the team. The key objectives that are focused on are team strategy, strategic intent, valuing each other, leadership diversity and what our team believes about diversity.

Diversity Positive/Negative Team Impacts.

We have found that we draw upon the creativity, views, and strengths of all team members. One way that this is achieved is through team strategy. This encompasses being a people-oriented, diverse, skilled, empowered, safe and healthy team. This also includes a team that is dedicated to having the highest integrity, and working together in a barrier-free environment.

Our team is committed to fostering an environment where all our members are able to feel confident that they can contribute and achieve to their highest potential, and be valued for the unique contribution they bring. To do so enables our team to work more effectively to anticipate and satisfy the needs of the assignments and maintain a quality oriented advantage. Diversity is not an initiative, it is not achieved by a number count; diversity takes hold through the collective behavior of all of us.

In addition, we recognize and respect our differences rather than ignore them. Each of us feels valued regardless of our differences. Feeling valued brings us closer together as a team. Collectively we are wiser and more creative than we are individually.

Greatest Impact on Team Effectiveness.

The four types of diversity that were identified as having the greatest impact on our teams effectiveness are differences in skills and abilities, occupation, age, and value and attitude differences. The following information describes how each of the four types of diversity we chose impacts our team.

Differences in Skills and Abilities.

Diversity in skills is one of our greatest assets. Together, we bring a mass amount of knowledge and experience to our team. This diversity in skills and abilities allow us to create maximum teamwork and synergy in our learning teams. Without diversity skills we would be ineffective members of this ever changing work world. Diversity skills are the indispensable skills needed by those who plan on being effective leaders in this ever-changing world (Enhancing Synergistic Performance Consultants, 2003).


Our occupational backgrounds vary from customer oriented to people oriented type of jobs. Our group comprises over 90 years of working experience in varied cultures.

Bill Pernot is a 48-year-old Team Leader at AES Alamitos Generating Station. His duties include formulating a five-year budget plan, setting salaries and bonuses, monitoring and maintaining the safety program, and the development of his team. Bill is also the facility security manager. His team includes nine maintenance and operation technicians. They are responsible for the operations and maintenance of two turbine-generating units, which accounts for one third of the generating facility. He has 18 years of management experience in both union and non-union structures and was formerly a union steward himself. Working with people of diverse backgrounds, he has gained insight in dealing with people with different attitudes and styles.

Leticia is a 28-year-old National Sales Representative for Melissas World Variety Produce. She is in charge of managing her own accounts. Melissas has a team-oriented structure, which has allowed her to learn from her teammates and express her views as well. She is in charge of the coordination of price lists with the procurement team, setting up ads with her customers and presenting new information to her customers on a daily basis. Her goal and the company goal are to increase sales by at least 25 % each year.

Adriana is a 30-year-old Surgical Coordinator at Premier Laser Sight. Her daily duties are customer oriented. She is responsible for scheduling procedures for two surgeons. She also discusses and negotiates the cost of procedures with patients.

Yvonne is 43-year-old Business Operations Analyst for The Boeing Company. She has over 25 years of Boeing Management/Administrative experience in the areas of Staffing/Budgets, Human Resources, Presentations and Staff Support. Having held a management position for a number of years has enabled Yvonne to become very familiar with diverse and cultural differences throughout the workforce.

Value and Attitude Differences.

Our difference is our strength (Cyber Trader, 2003). As a team we strive to have an open and supportive teamwork environment. This benefits the team and helps us better to easily get things done. We are all open-minded when it comes to values and cultural backgrounds. Things like gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, age and physical challenges do not affect our working abilities.

We find value in our different personalities, backgrounds and working styles. This helps us better service the needs of our teams. We often come together, discuss our common experiences and appreciate the opportunity to learn from each other in a supportive setting.

After reviewing diversity through our team members, we have discovered objectives such as strategy, strategic intent, valuing diversity, leadership diversity and what we believe about diversity. By practicing these objectives, actions and establishing some measurements, this is our opportunity to extend our knowledge of diversity not only in our team environment, but in our business lives as well.


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