Technologies Effect on Culture Essay

Published: 2019-12-04 13:42:54
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Technology effects culture in very many ways. To begin with,in the last hundreds of years there has not been a bigger impact on culture than technology. Next,technology has changed culture so many ways from communication,traveling,entertainment,medical stuff,cooking,to industry development. Then,technology has been improving more and more with no end in sight very soon. Finally,the main reason you see all of these rich people to day is technology.

This is only some of technologies effect on culture. However,there are many more ways technology effects culture. To start with,Alexander Graham Bell,he started the improvement of technology by creating the telephone,and we as people took that and improved it to make a better telephone and eventually,the cell phone. Next,the Wright brothers,they made the airplane to where it could fly and again we as people took it and improved to make it better and last longer.

Then,Henry Ford,he created the first affordable,combustion engine car called the Model-T and once again we as people took it and improved like ever before by making it safer,faster,and more durable. Finally,Philo Farnsworth,he invented the television and once more(as if well never stop)we as people improved it and gave it color and we made more portable. So you see its not necessarily the technology effecting the culture but us making the technology effect the culture.

So now I have explained to you the how technology effects culture in many ways. To begin with there was Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone. Next,there was the Wright brothers who made the airplane able to fly. Then,there was Henry Ford who invented the first car. Finally,there was Philo Farnsworth who invented the first television. So you see this is the kind of stuff we as people are capable of doing.

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