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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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In modern life,when the standard of living is increasing more and more,people or student will get more stressed.Stress can be defined as physiological imbalance resulting from the disparity between situational demand and the individual ability ( Gaurav,2011 ) .In general, stress is related to both external and internal factor.External factor iclude the physical environment such as our job,challanges but internal factor is influence our ability to handle stress such as emotional well being. There are many cause of teen stress such as studying,working,financial problem and family problem. The most serious of stress among the teen is studying( Elizabeth,2012 ).Student always getting stress when they are doing exercise and homework given by lecturer at the last minutes. They also getting stress during their test because Malaysian student likes to study at the last minutes. They do not prepare themself such as do the revison early. Besides, student or teen do not manage their own time wisely ( Elizabeth,2012 ).

This is because, they more enjoying than studying. Some of student getting stress because , they are being first time stay far away from their family. When they need the support , family member is not around them.It is better if we do not do our homework or exercises given at the last minutes and manage our time wisely or study such as make a timetable. In addition, the another common cause of stress is working. The student who has graduate, they will go for find a jobs. They always thing what the new responsibilities that they have to do or perform. When they still in college, they getting stress on assignment but when they working they do not know what types of challenging that they need to face.The management do not care about their employees also one of factor that cause stress in working. Management do not allow or give change for employees to voice out what their problem or feel about their job. Some employees maybe do not agree with the rotating shift that the mangement arrange. Certain company do not give holiday for their employees such as the trainee worker.

I already exprience all of this when go for trainee cashier at Riveria Cafe , Kingwood Hotel Sibu. The management give a long holiday for the staff only. Futhermore, financial problem also can cause stress among teenager. As a student, we need to pay alot of thing such as print out the assignment, buy our own stuff like paper, pen, top up and so on. For the non resident student ( NR ) , they need to pay rent for haouse. (Anna , 2007 ). Eventhough , they are borrowed the loan from Perbadanan Tabung Pengajian Tinggi National (PTPTN ), it is not enough for them to survive. Some of student, they enjoy and buy an important thing such as a new gadget after they receive the loan from PTPTN. It mean , they do not manage their financial wisely. Another cause of stress is family problem. The environment at home not peaceful can cause stress.

For examples, parents always fighting in front of their children will make their son or daughter become stress and feel nobody want to care about them again.It is not posible if parents fighting because of us. Besides , parent who has problem at office or workplace also one of the factors that can cause stress. They will scold their children. They children will get stress because they do not know what is the problem when their parents scold them suddenly. This will make their children lack of care and love.

Parent who divorce also can make their children getting more stress ( Anna . 2007 ). This will make their children run away from home because nobody care about them again. To conclude , studying , working, financial and family problem can cause the stress among teenager. No matter where the problem arising, stress will not makes us better. We need to solve our problem and try to think positively. Thus , in order to solve the problem that lead stress is by managing ourself ,and then try to solve the problem such as financial problem with a clear and uncluttered mind.


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