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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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When we were young, our parents and teachers always instructed us to be honest and never lie to others. However, when we gradually grew up, this instruction was not effective any more as it is nearly impossible for us to always tell the truth in their lives. Besides, sometimes it is better for us to lie rather than tell the truth in that we can maintain the relationship with others and protect others by lying. Many relationships in the world are broken by the truth.

No one in perfect, as we know more truth about someone, we will discover more negative sides about him or her, and then we will not like him or her as we previously did. In addition, everyone will make mistakes, some mistakes are small while it will hurt our relationship with others. At this time, it is better for us to use a lie to solve the problem rather than tell the truth to make the problem more serious. Just take my own experience as an example. Last New Year Holiday, I went to visit my cousin Andy in the hometown. Andy was eleven years old and he liked to play with me very much.

Before visiting him, I promised to bring a new car to him as the New Year gift on the phone. But I was so busy during the holiday that I forgot my promise. It was very embarrassed when Andy asked me for the toy car. I thought if I told him the truth, he might be disappointed with me and did not like me anymore. So I told him: Oh, I left it in my car. Wait, I go to bring it here now. Andy nodded. And I ran to the nearest toy shop and buy him a new toy car. Seeing the new toy car, my cousin embraced me cheerfully and until now, Im still one of Andys favorite sister.

Besides maintain the relationship, telling the lie can also protect others from being hurt. As we know, the truth can be cruel. It has no emotion and does not consider peoples reaction after knowing it. Compared with the gory truth, a fake lie can be more emotional and humane as it is made based on the estimate of the 3 TELL THE TRUTH OR NOT receptors reaction. The example can be the TV series Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D. Agent Phil Coulson is deceived by Director Fury but finally survives because of the lie. Coulson is deadly injured in a war.

With only slice chance to survive, Fury commanded to save him with any method possible. Actually, the process of reviving Coulson is very hard and suffering. During that process, Coulson keeps saying: let me die, let me die. In order to maintain Coulsons will to live and eliminate his fear of death, Fury doesnt tell the truth about reviving process to Coulson, instead, he implants a beautiful memory about T. A. H. I. T. I into Coulsons brain.

So every time Coulsons try to recall the process of reviving him, he will think of the blue sky, the placid sea and the gold beach instead of dim laboratory. In this case, Coulson will not be tormented with dreadful reviving operation and thus live a normal life as he did in the past. Had it not been Furys lie, the operation would have casted torturous shadow on Coulson and Coulson would not have had will to survive. In a nutshell, telling a lie instead of always being honest can help us maintain the relationship with others and protect others from being hurt. Thus it is unnecessary for people to always tell the truth.

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