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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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In choosing the right kind of University that mold and hone one persons talents and skills to survive the real world, one must not only consider the academic quality given by the university, rather all aspects that the university can contribute to the individual. With my aspiration to become a computer science specialist, I chose TTU for the same reason as every one has, it has a strong credibility in terms of its different fields of study, and other curricular activities that promote the well-being of the individual.

I can not demise the fact that it was named as one of Americas 100 Best College Buys, which implies that the money invested in the education of a student is very worth it for the quality of education TTU has given. It has remained atop of public schools nationwide, and regarded by the Princeton Review as the Best Southeastern College. With all the qualifications and strength of the school in terms of quality education and instructor, one is only left with the impression that in TTU, the foundation of true college academic attainment is indeed felt.

The application process at TTU requires an accomplished application form that is readily made available in pdf format online. A $15 application fee must also be paid. The universitys admission also requires official transcripts of high school record be sent directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. To ensure a healthy well-being of its students, TTU also requires applicants to submit an accomplished Student Health Form, also made available online, and a form for meningitis or hepatitis.

I chose TTU as my university not only for the qualification it has in its Department of Computer Science at the College of Arts and Sciences, but also how it maintains an environment that is safe and convenient for its students to enjoy. Aside from the different activities laid out by the school, the campus grounds alone speaks of how dedicated the university is in maintaining a healthy environment for its students to enjoy. I entrust TTU to mold me into someone better and fulfilled, I chose TTU to help me fulfill my dreams.

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