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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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The Reapers Are The Angels is a new book on the zombie apocalypse horizon. Its based some years after the undead have eaten most of the rest of humanity. The setting is set twenty-years after the apocalypse had first begun. There are survivors. One of them is a young woman who calls herself Temple who has never known a world without meatskins. Shes a killer and shes good at it, so good she can take on several grown men at once and is a survivor of the first order. She also lives by a code, like the Code of the West, or a Code Among Thieves. This code is like an honor, an honor to protect and serve.

She never lets innocent people suffer at the hands of someone else, usually the zombies. Temple, her name itself was used as a metaphor for holy and everything righteous. Along the way throughout the story Temple meets a lot of different people most of them with biblical names. It is strange how all this religious out look and religious based book, involves zombies. No where in any bible, have I ever read anything about a zombie attack. What has me most confused through this is though it seems as God has come back for His children and these are the people who were left after the wrath, but how come Temple was still there?

The zombies represent decaying and death. The death of civilizations, desolated land, manners, and even desolate hearts. Throughout the book everything was abandoned, destroyed, vacated, and over taken either by weeds or meatskins. The descriptions of the places Temple visited left vivid pictures in my head of the smell of death with the towns just left exactly as if it was untouched for 20years, or destroyed by the touch of the zombies, who were the spokes people for death. When Abraham tries to rape Temple and she escapes, she comes across the hunters.

She never really flinches when they tell her to sleep and none of the men will touch her. I am not sure but most women who have been raped or have had an attempt of rape committed upon them would not be so trusting. This shows that Temple has a pure heart. She doesnt think all men are bad. Its like she can see through them, to their hearts and see their intentions. Almost like a sixth sense for her. She has God guiding her. This whole time through the book Temple is running from Moses Todd, Abrahams brother who wants to kill her. When they sit and talk they think a lot alike and have a lot of the same ideas.

Every time she found herself in a situation whether it is a good situation or bad, Moses was right there. He said he was tracking her, although it seemed like he was there to protect her and make sure she was safe, even though the ironic part was that he wanted to kill her himself. It felt like Moses was her Guardian Angel almost. Then we later find out that he possibly could have been her father. Which then brings up the question of would he have really ever killed her? Not really sure he would have. He was planning to keep up the cat and mouse game they were playing throughout the whole book up for as long as he could it seemed to me.

For Moses it seemed she is what kept him moving, like she was his motivation to live. So all these metaphors just come down to one thing that no matter what this world becomes, stay true to who you are on the inside. Temple didnt like killing, but by killing she protected others along the way. Sometimes in life we dont like what we have to become to survive but God knows our hearts and what are intentions are and as long as those stay good and pure then there is no need to worry when the zombies come to town.

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