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Published: 2019-11-09 14:11:29
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Thailand had a massive population problem where in 1970 it had a large youthful population and an ageing population which can create a lot of problems for the economy and country in the future so Thailand had various schemes in order to fix this, these being split into social, economic and political solution.

The main way to decrease population is to increase the amount of contraceptives used and available by the public so socially condoms became available anyway for example the cinema or festivals even traffic jams, this would mean that more people would have access to condoms and ultimately have less children. Although condoms became the main feature of the campaign, the Thai government also supported Mechais efforts by making a wide range of contraceptives available to the public too for example the pill. Thailand was one of the first countries to use intravenous contraceptive DPMA and is one of the largest users. This was a successful as most Thais were open to accepting new ideas so were rooting for this new campaign, these contraceptive methods were spread to rural areas too so all of Thailand benefited from this.

This also created free and readily available sterilisation which promoted the use of birth control, PDA offer free vasectomies at festivals on the kings birthday too. This success was due to the large egalitarian relationship between men and women, it is also higher than most developed countries in the world and this promoted family planning because of the contraceptive use which was available for both genders, also the advances and improvements in healthcare for mothers and children had a large role to play in the success of the scheme. Schools and university schemes helped to also teach the younger population about contraceptives and family planning to insure that they use contraceptives in the future, this plan was reinforced by the fact that 90% had a high literacy rate which means that the educational opportunities are the same and they are taught the importance of family planning and contraceptive use.

They also use things like condoms and cabbages to break down barriers in conversations regarding this subject. Thailands population is largely made up of Buddhists, around 95% of the population are Buddhist. Family planning in the Buddhist scriptures are also a reason why this scheme has been successful, for example it says many children make you poor telling the population to increase their use of contraceptives to economically benefit which brings me to my next point.

The economy plays a large role in the task to bring down the birth rate and decrease the ageing population. PDA offers loans linked to contraception use and preference was given to applicants who were practising family planning. Loans were based on character, credit worthiness and the type of project. Interest rates were substantially lower than traditional moneylenders in poor rural communities. This encouraged couples to family plan in order to obtain more money and increase their standard of living leading to the use of contraceptives and healthcare and larger loans were given to those who used more successful methods of contraception.

PDA provided loans to build rain water catchment jars for drinking water & set up rice banks, pig banks and buffalo banks. The PDA provided loans to build rain water catchment jars for drinking water so No money was involved just a loan in the form of the animal which would benefit those who live in rural areas and farm or cant afford to buy meat, this also encourages the use of family planning and contraceptive use. Lastly they recognised the effect that it can have on tourism if HIV/AIDS spreads and becomes a high rate, so the economic schemes were successful due to the growth in urban population and also the high rates of urban and industrial growth.

I feel that the political changes created the biggest impact on the attempt on population change and was able to successfully do so, in 1971 family planning was made a national goal so was recognised by the whole of Thailand, Mechai Viravaidya launched the PDA which is an Investment in combatting Aids and poor international reputation for sex tourism which lead to a 20x increase investment which reduced from 2% in 1990 to 1.2% 2015. There is also a backup of 100% government enforcement campaign in sex establishments. These schemes were schemes were successful due to the creative drive, imagination & marketing from the genius of Mechai Viravaidya in addition the PDA worked closely with the government.

In conclusion I feel that the attempt to manage population change has been a success as in 2010 the birth rate has decreased dramatically and these schemes have been recognised globally which shows that there methods to manage the change in population to be very effective and successful for the reasons I have explained.

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