The Baitsoft Network Attack Simulated by Intel Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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During the whole course of the simulation you will be acting as an external security investigator and being vigilant like in real life situation is a requisite. Its like getting into actual crime scene where investigators need to find things which could be treated as evidences for solving crimes. As it is only a computer-based simulation, paying attention to important details in every scene is very important. Relying on the voice of the characters in its scenes isnt enough, and it is true in the real life situation, you also need to give particular attention to things around it.

For instance, in most scenes you hear the characters talk then stop and do nothing else, and if you are not lucky enough to discover the tricks then you might end up hanging for few minutes waiting for the next lines. The secret is, move the mouse pointer around the details in the scenes like any suspicious figures such as: the Laptop and the PDA on Martin Dawes table, the magazine on the table in front of the receptionist section, the visitors log book also found in the receptionist section, the Whyte Board or shall we call it simply as the frame, and the firewall both located at the Server Room.

Some important clues are also hidden in the speech lines of the characters. Paying attention to either heard or readable instruction is also very important in getting progress to the next scenes in the simulation. The simulation is giving users the experience of thrill, pressure, and suspense in real life handling of network security threats. Getting experience with using the IP Trace 2006 is a heart pounding situation. The most pressured section of the scenario is the scene where you need to help the IT manager create a virus definition which will be submitted to the security center.

These experiences give the user an idea of how real life network security administrators race with every tick of the clock in handling different types of threats. There is a lesser suspense with accessing the CCTVss files, but it is time consuming as you have to roll out tapes for particular period of time intervals. The simulation also presented some method of how to ensure network securities. These are the common requisites of a secured network: firewalled, wireless networks must be secured; the network should be equipped with security tools.

Aside from the technical and the software side of the story, network users should also have the right attitude sincerity, and having commitment to common objectives. Another thing is, in the realm of competition, some people are more likely to be inclined with adapting desperate measures such as stealing other peoples resources by any means in order to gain advantage. Security Issues Presented in the Simulation There are lots of security issues presented in the simulation such as: Port Scanning, Virus Injection into a network, Social Engineering, Warchalking/Wardriving, unauthorized torrent use or file sharing, and Packet Sniffing.

Network securities are often compromised not because it is unsecured, but because somebody allowed it to be compromised. Like what happened in the simulation, there really exists what we commonly called as inside jobs in some reported network attacks or in any criminal activities. In the simulation, Ian Siter, a newly hired Baitsoft project manager confessed his part of the whole crime. Another important detail is, he previously work with Daiytos Games Company, the primary competitor of Baitsoft, who also happened to be the primary suspect of the crime.

Daiytos Games was caught port scanning the Baitsoft network as reported by the IP Trace 2006 Software. The scenario shows that anybody who has access to secured/unsecured network can become the means of any network attacks. This reality dictates that when putting people in critical positions within the organization, the management should be very careful. A network security is threatened by the accessibilities of software on the net. Some of these computer softwares which are intended for beneficial purposes are misused by some people having twisted minds in doing their hacking or stealing activities.

This situation calls for strict monitoring and implementation of the rules and policies of how these tools should be used. Conclusion There always exist people who love to compromise other people. In the field of ensuring network security, the fundamental is keeping it secured technically, and most of all placing the right and trustworthy people in the position. Reference: CrimeScene. IBM. Retrieved, 2007, from the World Wide Web: http://www. intel. com/cd/network/connectivity/emea/eng/249411. htm

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