The behavior in violent video games Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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In todays society video games can cause many behavior problems. The violence in video games can affect children in many ways. Violent video games affect a persons brain and health. At last, violent video games also affect the players personality in various ways.

Acting violently and having nightmares are two ways of how violent video games affect children. Some games contain some graphic content, and may give children ideas that they do not understand. These games also make children believe that killing someone is acceptable and the reality of people dying can be compared to situations seen previously in games. Childrens learning abilities are also affected since they tend to do as they see, kind of like monkey see, monkey do. Basically, they learn to be violent so they will be violent in their life and react aggressively.

The human brain is affected by violent video games in many ways. After so much playing the human brain believes the game is real. Video games stir up tension, and a feeling of fear, and this could have long term affects on the autonomic nerves. The autonomic nerves are connected with breathing and heart rate. If a person, who is playing video games, has suffered from seizures and continues playing, the chances over seizures coming back are extremely high.

The video game players personality will be affected in many ways. For example, playing decreases prosocial behaviors, this includes activities such as giving to charity, volunteering, and overall helping behaviors. Some studies have proved that video game players lead to an increase in antisocial behavior. These frequently users rather isolate from others and play than socialize. When playing becomes an addiction, their personality has completely transformed into an isolated antisocial person.

In conclusion, violent video games can cause many different behavior problems for children. It affects their brain, their health, and their personality. Finally, children should be careful when choosing the type of video game to play.

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