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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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We receive advice from someone just about everyday. Rather its good or bad , right or wrong , or easy or difficult. The best advice I have ever received would have to that life goes on. Because its true, no matter what mistakes you make in life. Life will go on. People make mistakes all the time. We know mistakes are prone to happen sooner or later. Dont get sad, mad, frustrated or give up what your doing because you failed. Stuff happens and your not going to always get things right the first time around. Just shake it off and keep on moving. When my grandaddy passed away a few years ago from Alzheimers. I thought I would never get passed the grief. I lost my best friend and thought my life would be over.

Untill my daddy simply told me that even though grandaddy lost his life, I stiil have my own to live. He said not to dwell on it so much and just accept that he is in a better place now, and try to move on with my own. I also learned this lesson from my aunt Nicole when we recently found out that she had cancer. She is usually a happy go lucky type person, but now she is slow and usually tired. When she found out she had it she was already in stage four. She lost all her hair and looked very tired and sick. I wasnt sure if she would make it or not.

I was so scared for her. She told me not to be scared and that she would inform me with any new information the doctors gave her. But most of all she said to me that whatever to her that my life will still go on and to live it to the fullest. She went through two Chemotherapys and it was gone. I was very excited ! ! Till this day I still use the advice that life goes on, and will always. To me its the best advice you could ever give someone when they are down in the dumps or even happy. These are some of the reasons why I choose Life goes on, as my best advice.

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