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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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There always has to be a place where people spend an amazing time to investigate or just to have the memory of what happen in that particular place and has a significant meaning. I never had one of those favorite places before I visited an unforgettable place, Istanbul, Turkey Honestly, I didnt have too much curiosity to visit it, but when I already visited my point of view completely changed. Many people would ask why especially Istanbul, but there are 3 main reasons that I am going to describe to prove my opinion. First of all, Istanbul is a historical place and literally history is everywhere. As known Istanbul served as the capital of four empires: the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Latin Empire, and the Ottoman Empire so having all of these cultures combined in one place and their magnificent landmarks everywhere through the past made it a famous old city.

There are many ancient buildings such as Topkapı Palace (or as known in Turkish Topkapı Sarayı), Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii), Galata Tower (Galata Kulesi), and Maidens tower (Kız Kulesi). Also there are many old and modern museums such as the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum and Istanbul Modern. In addition, if you are looking to go shopping, there is simply just one place to head to Istanbul. Istanbul is full of old and modern shops with affordable prices.

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Moreover, many of these shops are famous such as the Grand Bazaar (Kapalı§arşı), Taksim Square (Taksim Meydanı), and Istanbul Sapphire which is the seventh tallest skyscraper in Europe. Also as a tourist, I would highly recommend using the many transport systems available in the city including The Metro System and the Sea bus. As a busy city like Istanbul, traffic sometimes gets the better of you and can really cause problems. Therefore, many people choose to hop onto a Sea Catamaran to zip across the Bosphorus or the Sea of Marmara to get to your desired location.

As a conclusion, Istanbul is the best place I have ever visited because it is a combination between past and present, old and modern and it is the place that any human would dream to live at. In my opinion, I would totally support the famous statement that Napoleon Bonaparte once said, If the whole world was one country, Istanbul would be its capital.

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