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Published: 2020-02-02 10:42:30
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Recently, in my country have established lots of universities. Until this time in Turkey have about 80 universities. However, right now there are about 120 universities. But, some of them small universities other parts are big ones. I think big university better than the small university where are advantages and disadvantages.

The big university has many advantages. For instance, the biggest university of Turkey is East Middle Technical University. There are lots of departments which especially are Technical Departments. There are lots of professor and scientist who are valuable and experienced. And these people make a research for sciences and knowledge.

They have contributed to study and surveys. This university established to corporate by American and Turkish scientists. In addition, when you study big university, you can find there are lots of activities which are sports, theatres, and science competitions, article and essays competitions, festivals etc. You should attend lots of clubs with respect to abilities. I believe certainly, you can find. However, there are some disadvantages. Some classes are big and very crowded. Thus, learning is very difficult.

The small university has lots of advantages. For instance, my university is Mediterranean University which is not very crowded. There are small and little person in class. There are, learning and listening very easy than the big universities. The other advantages, teachers recognize and notice very simply. At least, they know what do you abilities and characteristics. However, there are lots of disadvantages. You can not find activities such as the big university. Maybe you can not find materials for survey and experiments.

In conclusion, I think the big university is better than small university. The big university has lots of advantages. I think, you dont understand how is spend time. If you choice one of them, you should go to big university. You never be alone and you do not get bored.

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