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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Introduction: The Clubfooted Grocer by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is an intriguing story about John, Mr. Stephen Maples nephew, who goes to visit his long lost uncle, who is Mr. Stephen Maple. However, throughout the Prose, a lot of mystery and suspense is added through a series of strange and mysterious events. The pre twentieth language adds to the suspense and mystery and suspense. The main bit that adds suspense and mystery are the describing words used to describe the settings and characters used in this Prose. This gives us a visual image of the environments and characters and their traits. How the suspense was added (with examples and quotes)

The first strange thing that happens in this Prose is that we find out that Mr. Maple is doing illegal trading for his regular customers, we find this out by the quote Does a curious mixed business. The word curious tells us that his business is not legal. The main event is when Mr. Maple is viscously attacked by a customer and suffers a broken leg, three broken ribs and a leg three inches shorter than the other. The suspect serves fifteen years penal servitude and Mr. Maple moves to the lonely part of Northern England. Mr. Maples nephew, John, receives a letter from Mr. Maple asking John to visit him, even though Mr. Maple never visited his brothers funeral and did anything for anyone else in the family.

The letter says, On no account let John get out at Congleton. This adds mystery because Mr. Maple is making it very clear that he doesnt want John to stop somewhere (Congleton), like Mr. Maple is hiding something. Mr. Maple also mentions in the letter to bring a gun (quote: Let John bring gun). This adds suspense because this makes us think that Mr. Maple needs protection, but we dont know why, which makes us think that.

Another main event is when John is travelling on a carriage with a shepherd, they are run off by a pirate for no apparent reason. The quote Sorry to stop you tells us this. Then, a telegram, not letter arrives, saying For I have very strong reasons for wishing him to be with me. Mr. Maple then says get out at Congleton, not Stedding Bridge, which was his primary destination with no reason, which leaves us wondering why? The last phrase in the telegram is very mysterious, Mr. Maple says Only you to look to, and meaning Mr. Maple only has John as his help for the trouble Mr. Maple is involved in.

These events have set the scene in this Pre twentieth Century Prose. The scene set is a dark and mysterious landscape, which is unsafe. Events 3-6 Then, another pirate comes, asking for a lift when the trap is full. This is mysterious because no good reason is given to why the trap is stopped, even if the pirate wanted a lift when the trap is full. When John arrives at Mr. Maples house, there is already a mysterious event.

When Mr. Maples house, Mr. Maple unlocks a lot of bolts/locks, like Mr. Maple is going to get attacked and needs house protection. A quote that really adds suspense is Come in, come in, quick, man, and dont leave the door open like there is people waiting outside for Mr. Maple. The next mysterious and intriguing event is when Mr. Maples shows make a thump noise. After the pirates enter the house, theyre about to whip Mr. Maple with the buckle of their belt, but Mr. Maple says his going to go and get the treasure which they want back, and he goes upstairs and runs out of the window, killing himself with a broken neck. The suspense is revealed as we find out that the reason Mr. Maple needed Johns protection is because of the pirates and the thump noise is because the treasure is in his shoes.

These events have set the scene in this Pre twentieth Century Prose. The scene set is a dark and mysterious landscape, which is unsafe. The closing stages of events has shown a series of strange events which added up into one big event and the mystery and suspense was revealed at the end, when Mr. Maple died. The words and phrases, which described and gave us a visual image of Mr. Maple, are prosperity , successful, least respectable and savoury character. These words describe Mr. Maple as a very which man who is selfish and self-centred, making him the least respectable and also rude to his family (savoury character). The words that describe the landscapes and settings are wild and isolated hillsides, misty skyline, It was quite dark outside and lonely. This describes the area as a lonely, dark and unsafe environment.

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