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Published: 2019-12-04 16:10:23
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Super Bowl transcends the very idea of the testosterone-induced sport of football. It is a larger than life sports event, and perhaps a more grand the sport of football itself. The sports pandemonium known as Super Bowl not only draws football fanatics but also people who are clueless about football. People are compelled to watch this grand sports event, and are eager to feel the grandeur and glory that gives its audience. The Super Bowl has become more than Americas favorite pastimes. It has turned to a melting pot of sorts for football fans and unfamiliar spectators to converge and watch the grandest sports event in the planet.

Families and friends get together to watch the best team in each pro football conference play to win the National Football Leagues (NFL) highest honor. People from all walks of life bear witness to gladiator-like football players duke it out to win the crown jewel of football. Each stadium they will play at becomes a modern-day Colloseum. And the only one winner comes out of the stadium in every Super Bowl played. Super Bowl victory parties are always to follow, and the pandemonium never ends. Super Bowl Sunday has turned into a grand day for advertisers as well.

The prominence of advertising in the telecast, it is appropriate to ask whether people who plan to watch the Super Bowl look forward more to the game itself or to the commercials. Obviously, the game still takes precedence for most viewers. The Super Bowl has been a crucial part of the advertising world each year. Super Bowl ads have become a cultural phenomenon per se, and most consumers usually say that they watch the advertisements and commercials more than the game itself. It is a unique yet efficient way of conveying an advertising message across consumers.

Watching ads posted on the Web became a habit for consumers, not to mention news programs preceding the game. Most suprisingly, people watch them again in the internet through YouTube and other digital video recorders. More than any other sporting event in America, the Super Bowl has truly become a cultural phenomenon. According to 1999 National Football League figures, more than 138 million people in the United States alone watched the Super Bowl, with over 750 million total Super Bowl viewers in 187 countries.

The Super Bowl has become a mythical spectacle of epic proportions that in the classical manner of mythical beliefs and ritual activities is a communal celebration of and indoctrination into specific socially dominant emotions, life-styles, and values. The Super Bowl integrates an eclectic group of institutions: sports, television, advertising, and the American corporate culture. The Super Bowl serves as an end-of-the-season celebration, glorifying revenues accumulated by team owners, advertisers, media outlets and many other businesses that share in the tremendous profits generated by the game of professional football.

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