The differences between Protestants and Catholics Essay

Published: 2019-11-20 13:00:40
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Respect should be given to those who deserve it. Those who dont deserve it should get none under which they are mean and liars. Those that are elderly should get the respect from the younglings and no talk back. For instance a younger person should respect his elders. If an elder tells a youngling to do something they should do it when first said and respond yes sir or yes mam. In China respect is given to elders at all-time even if they are mean but, that is not America. If a youngling wants respect they should try to be good role models .They should never talk back or disrespect they should stay out of trouble and do their homework and get good grades. They should pay attention; they should listen and do things when they are supposed to. Respect gives people a good feeling. People will have good self-esteem and will try to give it back and that could start a chain reaction under which it keeps going till everybody does it .Then there would be no problems.

Some people try really hard to be nice and respect but others dont get it and just be mean. If you do not cuss that can be considered a form of respect to people that dont like those words and like to be of a higher class. People get respect from those who do respect and younglings should respect all those of the same species. It means valuing each others points of views. It means being open to being wrong. It means accepting people as they are. It means not dumping on someone because youre having a bad day. It means being polite and kind always, because being kind to people is not negotiable. It means not dissing people because theyre different to you. It means not gossiping about people or spreading lies. You should respect people whether or not they are black or white. Whether they are Asian or Muhammad or Hindu does not matter they still deserve respect. For instance a child that disrespects his parents will have no respect for others.

If we do not have respect for each other we could all die in the zombie apocalypse. If I were to tell somebody younger than me to do something and it were a life or death situation and they were to fail to accomplish this would not take the blame because if they do not have the respect to listen to me thats on them not me. If we were in a zombie apocalypse and the military and higher government tried to help and keep order among us survivors we should keep respect and try to live under all the circumstances and listen to what they have to offer even if what it is, is not good and should not be tolerated under any costs we should still keep respect and try to live long and prosper.

Men and woman work towards their goals every day and that deserves respect from all of us whether we want to or not. Mothers and fathers should get respect and that should be something all kids do whether the parents are good ones or not. Sometimes kids that really try just let loose on people and explode whether they want to or not it just happens they cannot help it but they pay the price. Once there was this one kid that had to write a whole 1000 word essay on respect he wrote of how he would try to give more of it, but back to my essay now. As I was saying respect is a quality not given in to much at one time or you could look like a suck up. People can get respect from having plenty knowledge and giving that knowledge to the less knowledgeable would be a really good way to earn respect .If more people try to spread their knowledge throughout the world more people could have respect.

Respect is the key to most things in this world you should give it to your teachers, the principal, your parents, your elders, and to all that deserve it from you that you wish to give it to. If you give respect to those who do not deserve it could ruin you have you ever seen the bad guys in a movie. They respect their leader in all the ways they can. The good guys do the same exact thing which shows even bad or good people can use respect in any way they want. Respect is in the army and in the government. The army uses respect every single day the cadets respect there Sargent. And if they respect people they can then be respected by others. In the government the smaller people get respected and they then respect the higher people in the government which in many cases show a good government. People that have no homes should even be respected even though do not contribute to the community be paying taxes and living in a actual house.

People of a homeless tradition do not contribute at all and at most times they should not receive respect at most time ,but in some case such as an unemployed veteran they should deserve respect. Unless they are capable of getting a job and doing very well under which the conditions they are in. most handicapped people deserve respect they try very hard most of the time to be just like you and me and though they could have a mental or physical handicap we all know they want to be normal. That is why if we give them respect it could make them feel more need and wanted which would help their self-esteem which in many cases could solve suicidal mentally handicapped people that are not taken serious. Many people that are suicidal need to be given some respect so that they do not kill themselves we need as many people as possible so that when the zombie apocalypse hits we will have more people to use as a distraction. And as you can see this here concludes my essay on respect.

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