The Effect of Supply and Demand on Housing Prices Essay

Published: 2020-02-07 17:20:53
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It is a must do for home buyers to compare the prices of available houses for sale. Now that we are in the computer age technology, a new house seeker could now easily compare which house fits him and his family through browsing in the internet such as in the site of www. realtor. com. I had personally searched through this website and I had limited my searched for house with three bedrooms and two bathhouses since they were the usual makeup of an American family house.

I had also conducted my search in five stages, namely search for houses in San Francisco, and then Topeka, Dallas, Concord and the last is for Seattle. I had observed that the housing prices vary from city to city. At every start of my search for available houses for a certain city, I had noticed that the number of available houses is being flushed on top. In comparison, as the number of available on sale house increases, the smaller the price.

The houses for Concord with 85 available houses were too expensive enough as compared to Dallas which has 4683 houses available. Thus I think that besides the usual determining factor which is the quality of the house, one could know what would be the possible price of a house based on its supply and demand in the market.


Search Results. Retrieved January 15, 2008 from http://www. realtor. com

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