The endings of Lord Of The Flies and Pollock And The Porroh Man Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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In both Lord of the flies and Pollock and the Porroh man the endings both leave un-answered questions with fairly obvious answers in Pollock and the Porroh man but they are not so clear in Lord of the flies.

In both stories there are huge similarities in themes but set in a completely different context, in both stories there is a large referral to evil in humans but how we cant see it. The fact that some people cant see it is the reason they end up killing others or themselves, unfortunately for others like Simon in Lord of the lies knowing and being enlightened about the evil has the same affect as not knowing. He was seen as an outsider and was killed because of it. Pollock sent himself insane not knowing that the evil was in him not after him. His more vivid and terrible

Even though Pollock dies it is seen as an escape from his fears and bad dreams. In the Lord of the flies they are actually rescued this is an escape for the boys especially Ralph, although both have escaped from there initial fears where have they escaped to, Ralph and the boys have escaped in to a war which is probably if not defiantly worse than the island.

Pollock has escaped in to death but is death better than living in fear, plus what will lie in wait for him in death will his old sins be lying in wait for him to come back and torture his soul. After all he did commit cold bloody murder on the Porroh man will he be waiting for him ready to take his cold-hearted revenge on Pollock. These are my opinions for this little part of the stories but that is the affect is has on me; it leaves you wondering what could be, and what could happen.

The affect of Pollock killing himself with a steal blade has a sense of irony around it as at the start the Porroh man is trying to kill Pollock with a iron dagger which is more or less the same thing, it is as if the Porroh man got his revenge even if its not literally him.

In the background and the foreground of both stories there is a lot of violence, all the way though Lord of the flies there is a theme of competition and violence, at the start there is only a slight one and this as shown by Jack wanting to kill the pig but his conscious comes in to play and he cant bring himself to kill it. Closer to the end the book shows how the island has made Jack ruthless and determined not bothered about what he does or

Kills See? See? Thats what youll get! This was said in response to Piggys death, showing no remorse is a singe of true savagery that has rapidly progressed throughout the story. In Pollock and the Porroh man the violence is at the beginning thought and at the very end in the form of him killing himself. It may not seem it but even in the middle of the book there is a small amount of violence when he shoots at the dog. There is also competition in this book at the very start where they are both after the same women.

There is an extreme lack of vision at the ends of both books, in Lord of the flies at the end the General has no idea what has happened and is so short sited that he dont even think of the possibilities that may have and did happened. In Pollock and the Porroh man Pollock has failed to see his own demons and the evil inside of him, this is what has destroyed him mentally finishing him off in life.

In both books there is a theme of isolation, Pollock has been left as a loner because none will believe what he sees mainly because its all in his head. In Lord of the flies at the end Ralph is isolated because Piggy is dead and all the others are a part of Jacks tribe, leaving him to fends for himself for a short while before the very end.

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