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The euro star is more than suitable for those with disabilities the Eurostar is Dedicated to providing the highest level of service for all its passengers, the Eurostar terminals at London St Pancras International, Ebbsfleet International and Ashford International, as well as the passenger trains themselves are specially equipped for those who may require additional facilities or services.

So to conclude for the Eurostar I would recommend to Parents with children to choose this option over others, however if the customers need a car while in Paris then I would choose a different option, although as the Paris station is in the middle of Disneyland Paris the need for a car isnt likely unless the hotel they are staying in is outside the Disneyland Paris area. Wheelchairs There are 2 designated areas on the train, each for one wheelchair user and companion in Leisure Select (first class), coaches 9 & 10.

They offer the wheelchair user the option to stay in their wheelchair if they wish and must be -8- used if passengers are unable to walk at least 200m unaided. Call for aid buttons are also fitted. Please note that the designated wheelchair spaces are for passengers that have their own wheelchair. A special fare is available for both wheelchair user and companion, please enquire at the time of booking. Special Assistance Special assistance is no longer bookable in advance. Assistance is arranged in person on the day of departure at the assistance desk and is subject to availability.

If the passenger thinks they might need help getting to or from the train, they would need to arrive as early as they can (preferably at least 1 hour prior to departure). Guide Dogs Guide dogs are accepted on board, however please note under no other circumstances may animals travel on Eurostar. Disabled toilets with call for aid buttons are available at the departure lounges at London St Pancras, Ebbsfleet International and Ashford International stations and also on the trains themselves in First Class Leisure Select Coaches 9 and 10.

And an extra note for the disabled passengers Eurostar Door Widths: Toilet 522mm/Exit Door 850mm/Disabled Toilet 7200mm -9- Euro tunnel Eurotunnel is the company responsible for building the twin railway tunnels under the English Channel linking Britain and France at Folkestone, in Kent and Coquelles, in the Nord Pas-de-Calais. Eurotunnel runs its own shuttle service that carries passengers and their vehicles between Folkestone and Calais. Eurotunnel also charges other rail operators, like Eurostar, to use the Channel Tunnel or Chunnel as we often call it.

Eurotunnel operates a fleet of 25 shuttle trains to transport cars, coaches and trucks and their drivers and passengers. Trains run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are 3 trains an hour between 06:00-00:00, and 2 trains an hour between midnight and 06:00. The shuttle has now been in operation for over 12 years and since its first commercial services 177 million people have travelled through the Channel Tunnel thats 3 times the population of both France and England! Eurotunnel shuttle timetable Eurotunnel runs 34 shuttle services a day, 7 days a week, both from Calais to Folkestone, and from Folkestone to Calais.

Generally, there are 2 services an hour between 06:00-23:00, 1 service an hour between 23:00-01:00 and about 1 service every 2 hours between 01:00-06:00. -10- Journey time between Folkestone and Calais is 35 minutes between 06:00-23:00 and about 45 minutes between 23:00-06:00. The Passengers need to check in at least 30 minutes before your shuttles due departure time. Eurotunnel have a good record for on time departures.

Disch:1 Above is where Eurotunnel crosses the English Channel. Eurotunnel is a great way to take your car on holiday with, and as you can see it has great road links to all other parts of Britain. -11- Eurotunnel shuttle fares

Eurotunnel has a number of fare options. Prices within one ticket option can vary quite a bit depending on a number of factors, such as how long you book in advance, what type of vehicle youre taking and how long youre staying. Standard car fare The average standard fare for a car up to 1. 85 meters high is i?? 49-i?? 75 one way. Note that standard fares are significantly more expensive if booked at short notice. The price includes the car and all its passengers. The number of passengers can be any number up to the maximum the car can legally carry.

Motorcycles: fares are around Registered guide dogs travel free So this could be the ideal way to travel for anyone with difficulties with their sight, also this could be ideal for people travelling on big trips, such as school trips as the Eurotunnel has sufficient facilities to take coaches on, and as part of primary research I have actually been on a coach in the Eurotunnel and I thought it was a good way to travel and was easy and quick.

Although its not as direct as the Eurostar, as the customer will have to drive from Calais to Disneyland Paris but it is made easy to get to Disneyland Paris as the passenger can take their car with them, as well as there being taxis available form Calais. The picture above shows the different leaving points in the south coast of England, to the different locations in France in which you can travel to. The most probable route for passengers from Maldon would be Dover to Calais. -13- http://www. seafrance. com/cs/Satellite/uk/ferry-dover-calais/itinerary-to-dover?

packedargs=site%3DSF_Pax_Uk the purple route is the best route, for travellers from Maldon, from Maldon to Dover, the travellers can either go by car or get a taxi there, but obviously you can take your car on the ferry or, like the Eurotunnel, if the travellers are on a coach trip the ferry is accessible for coaches so the ferry could be perfect for school trips, and what separates a ferry from the Eurotunnel is that the passengers can walk around on board and visit restaurants, shops, bars, and arcades.

There is also chilled out areas with comfortable seating, so for passengers travelling on business, can chill with a drink and if wanted can get on with some work in a calm environment. If the Traveller chose to use Sea France, and are driving a vehicle When they arrive at the port of Dover, theyll need to go through immigration and customs so this emphasizes the safety of the ferry. Then they just need to simply follow the signs to the Sea France check-in booths where a member of the Sea France team will process their booking and give them a lane number.

Go to the car lanes and wait until youre invited to come aboard. Once onboard, the Sea France team will direct you on the car deck. Also when parking their car, they will reminded to make sure to leave the handbrake on. They will also be reminded to bring everything they want for the journey with them to the passenger areas, because access to the car decks is not permitted during the crossing.

If theyre travelling with a pet then Sea France might be the company to use for crossing however it will need to stay in the vehicle during the crossing. It is also easy to make a note of where your car is parked, so the travelers can find it easily when its time to disembark. Passengers travelling by bicycle will also be able to travel by Sea France but will need to walk their bike up the ramp on to the ship. And For their safety, please be careful when leaving your cycle on the car decks and follow the crews instructions.

For those passengers with sight difficulties then they could choose Sea France as If youll be accompanied by a guide dog or assistance dog they are welcome to come aboard with you free of charge. So to conclude the ferry would be good again for school trips, and possibly parents with children as the children will have enough stuff to do on the ferry to keep them preoccupied. Also this is the luxury option for those who need a car, bus or bicycle in France to travel around, as you can obviously take your vehicle with you.

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