The Evolution of the Graphic Industry Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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The development and continuous improvement of technology has incessantly provided new professional fields that emerged to cater to the intensification brought about by the web explosion and digital breakthroughs in the industry. The creative spectrum in the graphic industry has open doors to a large number of occupations which careers may in some way or another extend beyond one particular expertise. Visual communication is the medium used by the artists to provide people the distinction between graphic design, fine art and even advertising art.

Different industries that make use of visual tools most of the time utilize almost the same theories, principles, practices, languages and even elements in delivering their clients needs. The book A history of graphic design conveys that the industrys main essence is to provide arrangement to information, form to designs, feelings and expressions to a work of art which primary output is the documentation of human experience (Meggs, 1983). The graphic industrys professional fields have high-racketed immensely that make way to the diversity of graphic designing jobs.

The workforce in the graphic design business which holds the management related roles are creative directors, art directors and art production managers. Hands-on designers in the fields are logo designers, brand identity developers, visual image developers, illustrators, content developers, multimedia developer, visual journalists and layout artists. The web explosion and advancement opened its doors to interface layout artists and web designers usually employed by web development companies. Web design may entail collaboration of graphic designers and software engineers.

Programmers are also in demand in the field of web development to provide their expertise in doing advance coding. Web masters are positions that specialize in both programming and web design. While traditional graphic design and interactive design both adhere to provide better physical facade, the two have distinguished characteristics from the other. At all times, traditional graphic designs main purpose is to carry out an attractive application of an object. It is relatively eye-catching and bold. The layout of this kind of design deals primarily with the style treatment and array of a prints content.

The interactive design on the other hand, is mainly the design used in appliances, machines, CD software applications, mobile communications, computers and even websites which focus intensively on the user interaction and experience. It aims to proficiently deliver to a user an interaction that is both efficient and simple. Interactive design is also referred to as user-centered design. Traditional graphic design is utilized to please the eyes of each and every observer. It is highly used in logo design whereas it uses a process of sketching through thumbnails and rough drafts prior to hybrid process (Gregory 48).

Interactive design process balances the visual elements with regards to the operational mode and the functionality of the system to make it usable and make it easily adjust to the users changing requirements and needs. Interactive design is widely used in the web. Web page designs give the internet users an active role in accessing what they need online. The more user-friendly a site is the more it is visited. The interactive design reflects lucid pathways to the information, products and tools a user necessitates. Design is fundamental to the success of most services and products released by a company.

Both the graphic and the interactive design of a product and affect the consumer experience which directly and enormously affects the business success or failure. The profound impact of design is apparent as dictated by the developments in technology. Works Cited Gregory Thomas, How to Design Logos, Symbols and Icons: 24 Internationally Renowned Studios Reveal How They Develop Trademarks for Print and New Media, April 2003, pp:48 Meggs, Philip B. , A history of graphic design. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1983

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