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Published: 2019-10-10 05:35:11
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Educating Rita tells a story of two people from the opposite ends of life. An uneducated working class woman finally realises the value of education and class and with the assistance of her alcoholic upper class tutor Frank Bryant, she embarks on a journey to gain the knowledge that she deeply yearns for.

There are many advantages that a film has over a production of a play. It would be inconvenient and problematic to have lots of settings and changes therefore we immediately know that the film Educating Rita has more advantages over the play. It has close up shots of the characters and different settings. The burning books scene is a great example of this. In this scene Denny (Ritas husband) find a pack of Contraceptive pills which Rita has been taking. Outraged he throws all of Ritas books into a flame.

We see Rita and the books through many different angles. One of the shots includes us looking at the burning books from Ritas point. This makes us feel empathy. We also see Rita from where the books are burning. At this point we feel sympathy for her as we see the expression on her face how miserable she is about her books. In the play we would not see Denny burning Ritas books and Rita helplessly just standing there from this amount of angles. We are only able to see the play from one angle which is from out seats.

Another advantage that the film has over the play is the added scenes. Added scenes one the most common ways a film can use other methods in order to put across its message. A good example of this method is the scene when Denny finds the contraceptive pills. We do not see this in the play. We see Denny entering the living rooms and tossing the packet on the table. In the film we sense trouble instantly when we witness Denny looking under the floor boards as we earlier saw Rita hiding the pills in the same spot.

Throughout the entire film, there are a number of shots that describe the lifestyles of both characters. Ritas journey takes us through her neighbourhood. Through several long shots we instantly understand that the area is almost a dump. The streets are littered heavily, there are abandoned caravans on the sides, two large tanks on the far end of the street which is extremely hazardous and a siren blares in the distance indicates danger. This scene concludes that lower class people who can only afford up to this degree live in an environment like this.

On the other hand, Franks environment is the opposite. As Frank walks home we see large amount of space including trees spread out finely, autumn leaves landing swiftly on the ground, parked cars and bird chirping in the distance.

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