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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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The childhood of Yank had been a complete distressing childhood that Yank never wanted to talk about. Yank had gone through horrible moments when he was a child. Listening to his father who was abusive was a misery for Yank as a kid. Yanks parents used to fight severely every night that they would break the furniture. Yank left his home when his mother died because of tremens. Yank was so tired of his fathers punishment and beatings that he had no other option but to run away from home.

Yank had been projected as a fireman working in a ship. In the beginning of the drama Yank had been displayed as a happy person who knows that the work he does is important for the ship. But soon he comes to know that he stands nowhere in the society. His social status was null and he could not do anything to raise his standard.

His lack of knowledge holds him back from understanding the world and understanding where he belongs in life. No education means that Yank has to rely on his strength and the little skills that he has to help him endure and get through life. However, these skills will not get him to a higher class in society because he still has no education. Yanks inability to think not only puts him at a lower social class, but renders him unable to fit in or defend himself in the world besides when hes on the ship.

Yank meets Mildred Douglas who is a daughter of a rich man. Mildred goes through the same identity crisis. Mildred is a woman who has been projected as a lady willing to work for the humanity. After meeting Mildred, Yanks learns that he is stuck in the so called class trap where the lack of education and wealth is important for being in the high class ring. Together Yank and Mildred share the sense of belonging and undergo the search for status they belong.

In the last scene, Yank goes to a zoo, where he talks to a gorilla. Yank frees him from the cage, and the gorilla hugs and crushes Yank, putting him in the cage. Yank dies there, where he And, perhaps, the Hairy Ape at last belongs (104). Yank belongs more with the gorillas than with his own kind. But he doesnt belong completely with the gorillas either, because he is a thinker. Yank, therefore, does not belong anywhere.

When it comes to listening to or watching fiction and drama, I like many different types of fiction and I love drama. I like something that will keep me on my toes and keep me thinking, or something that will get me intrigued. My personal preference in fiction is thriller, horror, comedy, romantic, and independent. I like to watch independent, romantic and comedy fiction very much, but I love to read thriller and horror fiction. I really like drama when its in a book, movie, or television. All in all, I like fiction and drama equally.

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