The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde Essay

Published: 2019-10-27 16:52:12
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1. The book is made in form appropriate to 9-10 year old children. A big advantage is the fluent sequence on the book for 3 year Story Magic 1. 2. The methodic is set perfectly each from 9 lections is methodically divided to 8 hours. If the teacher wanted to catch everything, what is specified in methodics, the lesson would have to be longer than 45 minutes. Thats why the selection is needed what to choose. 3. A working list is set to the book on high level. It is ready for use very well to use with the book.

4. The whole book is designed, that children learn English intuitively they arent limited by grammar and grammatical structures. Following to recordings ant with the help of interactive CD, the children can perceive the way in which children learn their first language. 5. Although this book isnt discussing and explaining individual grammatical signs it comprises them and children are learning only intuitively. 6. The book is filled up by flash cards with vocabulary, which can be used in many ways. 7. The book is divided to 9 thematic units / I attach time thematic plan with dividing in supplement. 8. On website is accessible a vocabulary to book too. 9. The book is picturesque and graphically right reclaimed.

10. Each lection starts with motivational song. All songs are manipulated by right form for kids. 11. Individual articles are manipulated by cartoon form. The script in bubbles is straight and readable, it doesnt change slope and it is equally large they are based towards children with dysfunctions, that the texts would be easier to read. 12. To all activities in book are inserted exercises in working list. 13. The interest of this book is, that each lection comprises one needlework too some punching or folder. Kinds like making this activity and they are looking forward to it.

14. In each lection is inserted a part with production of the project too. This part teaches children to prepare on similar activities in following years of study on the second stage (stupen). 15. Plumbless part of each lection is a part training pronunciation too. 16. Whole lection concludes mini serial Mag and Miggle short comic joke with simple understanding. 17. Whole lection is concluded by a small test in working list I can do it. These are the difficulty adapted to the age of students. How you sure have understood I am big fan of this book a all its components: music CD, interactive CD, flash cards with vocabulary with links and of course working list and with the methodic revised in depth.

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