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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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* Human rights act (1998)
* Disability discrimination act(1995)
* Sex discrimination act (1975)
* Protection of children act(1999)
* Health and safety at work act (1974)
* (COSHH) control of substances hazardous to health regulations(2002)
* Data protection act (1998)

Human rights act(1998)-human right gives you the right to live to certain freedoms on what you can say and do anyone in uk has to respect theses rules cannot be gone against as its a law. Human right gives you the right

* To live
* To education
* To marry
* to have kids
* to not be treated in a degrading way
* to think whatever they want and freedom to religion, beliefs
* to have a say against death punishments
* to get involved in free elections
* the right to fairness
* the right to expression
* the right to be gone against if these rules are not followed
* to have respect for private family life
* the right to talk and associate with anyone u will

If you ever think that your human rights have been gone against you will and you cant sort it outside you will have to go to court and they will sort out your case. You should respect peoples right the way they should for you. This law makes it illegal for people like police, government and councils go against the human rights act and any law which goes against will have to be changed. Everyone should be treated equally fairly and respect. Human right last updated October 2000. Disability discrimination act (1995)-This law gives the right for people with disabilities to be treated like any other individual it gives them the right work, have education and buy and owe lands, selling and using services and transport like everyone else. This law gives them the right for people not to discriminate and bully disabled people.

This law was adjusted October 2004.The disability act helps protect disabled people and their careers and families ect. The Disability Discrimination Act makes it illegal for a member of the public eg.employer to refuse any service for an opportunity eg.job to a member of the public. The act means the employee has to treat the disabled person fairly like every body else and be reasonable and try and change some things in the service for the disabled person to try and make it work. As a member of the public if you do not follow these rules you could be sued. You cannot treat or talk to a person with a disability in a different way as it is also discrimination. Sex discrimination act (1975)-means not wanting to accept someone working because of their gender. This means you cannot treat the person less favourable like example you cannot say (I do not want women in my work place because they cannot do this job it is a mans job.)

You should not treat or talk to the opposite sex in different way.Sex discrimination can also be in a different way like for istense marital status single or married. It is important that both sexes are treated fairly as it is unlawful to go against these rules. Protection of children act(1999)-This act is made so that we can identify people who cannot work with children by checking eg.C.B.R t check if they have any criminal records. People who do come up with a criminal record will not be able to work with children. The act explains how this act protects children from harm eg. Physical, social, emotional and intellectual. The employers Job is to make sure that the person is safe enough to work with children. Anyone with bad history suspicion may be upon a person may have hurt or abused should be checked and identified so they cannot work with children.

Police also have an act called one stop shop system that shows people who are looking to work with children. This law is to protect children. Sometimes a child but not have insufficient evidence. But they can be checked by confirming with an adult of how much risk it may be if they can work with children or not. Not updated. Health and safety at work act(1974)-The health and safety act also known as (HASAWA)is a important law for the united kingdom it the number of things that should happen at a work inforcement.It is an employer job to make sure the work placement is safe enough for work employees. The workplace should be organised so that it is safe and employees now how to carry heavy stuff and chemicals(if necessary)(manual handling).They should be showed and taught how carry and store safely and should use any equipment which is provided for the job (P.P.E) personal protective equipment) eg.gloves apron.

The act makes sure that it protects others from risk. There should always be arrangements just in case of a emergency and employees should be aware.Incidents must be reported in a book this is known as RIDDOR)( Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995)you must report any major injuries, work related death, diseases and any thing dangerous that occurred. This law has not been changed. Employees must be aware of all exits and know where all the first aid kits area and where in evacuate to in an emergency ect¦ (All safety procedures should be taught to employees).

* (COSHH) control of substances hazardous to health regulations(2002)-This law means keeping employees safe from dangerous chemicals. The law means employers need to control exposure or hazardous substances to prevent ill health. It protects all employees complying with control of substances hazardous. Control of substances hazardous to health regulations(2002) covers * How to prevent harm by doing risk assessments

* Making sure all equipment provided is used p.p.e(apron gloves ect.
* Ready plans just in case of a emergency
* Giving instructions and training for employees

Has not been updated

Data protection act 1998-data protection is mostly put on a computer system. It has personal information for individuals the details must be correct,birth,address.Personal information must be kept up to date and information must not be kept more than necessary .You should never share personal information with anyone it is breaking confidentiality. Breaking confidentiality can cause you to loose your job. You can only give out information in an emergency eg.a colleague at work is hurt and you need someone to contact and you need their name to talk to the emergency people. Or the person has gave you permission to give there information to someone.

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