The Importance of Academics in Education Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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The vital skills in academia are crucial for personal and professional development; they can contribute to the economic growth of a country, building meaningful human capital by providing more people-friendly policies, investment in educational opportunities which can result in the production of more skilled workers. The more skilled a society is, the less prone it is to poverty, a more even distribution in households as well as increases in governmental incomes making the economy more sustainable. According to Phillip Brown et al (1997, p.

172) the quality of a nations education and training system is seen to hold the key to future economic prosperity. Education, Culture, Economy and Society by A. H. Halsey, Hugh Lauder, Philip Brown and Amy Stuart Wells, 1997 Education is viewed as an investment in human capital that has both direct payoffs to the educated individual as well as external benefits for society as a whole. (Henry M. Levin and Carolyn Kelley Page 241) Page 274 These prove to be very useful in any role; whether you are dealing with co-workers, patients, customers, or supervisors.

Mathematical skills are also necessary for basic computations such as calculating dosages, counting supplies, cooking, shopping, driving, and many other everyday activities, regardless of your career choice. Education also provides people with the ability to compete for better higher-paid and more highly skilled jobs. With the present economic turmoil, we see more and more candidates competing for fewer positions and education being the primary factor in arriving at who is the better candidate and ultimately who is better qualified for the job.

During strenuous economic times, most people tend to go back to school to sharpen their skills with a view of earning a certificate or degree in a specialized skill which often makes an individual stand out amongst his peers, whilst improving ones job security and the ability to compete in the global economy. If we are to face the challenge of creating a high tech, high added value and high wage economy, we can only do so by skilling our people. (Harry, Brighthouse).

The job market today, requires the individual with a higher educational background, academically qualified for a chosen position, either by possessing a diploma or a university degree within the specific area. Most people today are aiming for that higher education called the university degree in order to render them more marketable and more competitive within the job market. By having the necessary prerequisites for a particular job, it means that the pay would be commensurate with the qualification required. Most people whose ambition is for higher academic qualification are adults who are already working with families.

In seeking to achieve a better way of life for their families, they opt to pursue a higher level of qualification in a quest either for a promotion or a complete change in their career. In pursuit of this better way of life many personal sacrifices are made and include longer days by having to attend school after work, sometimes the other partner has to contribute in terms of time, by caring for the family while the other person studies and more often than not, budgets are reduced significantly in order to meet the tuition fees.

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