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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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Portfolio is identified as the living and changing collection of records of an individual that reflects all the accomplishment, skills, attributes, and experiences that he or she has (College of Charleston 1). In the professional field, most especially that in animation, portfolio is an important element in securing a job as an animator because it highlights a persons best works alongside all the necessary information that reflect ones abilities as an individual and could serve as a useful tool to market oneself among employers and corporations.

A portfolio can set an animator apart from all the other applicants because it accentuates the abilities that the animator can offer in his or her chosen field. Certainly, a portfolio gives depth to how an individual represents himself or herself. For an animator, being able to showcase his or her accomplishment in a manner that illumines his or her talent and character is an important factor that would allow employers and corporations to further understand who the animator is, his or her potential, and what he or she can do in the future.

Portfolios are just like advanced design concepts which can be applied to specific projects. Conceptualizing an advanced design can serve as the backbone of man-made creations that, when the project being done is continuously complimented, would end up as an expression of success. It improves collaboration within the people doing the project, it sets expectations, and most importantly, advanced designs inspire and motivate the people who worked on it and those who can perceive it to work further for the better.

Advanced designs reflect visualization of what things may look like in the near future. It is also a representation of how far a project can go about, and it illustrates quality work that could set the table for others to follow. Taking note of that, portfolios does the same thing. Between the animator and his or her accomplishments, portfolios mirror the collaboration that an animator had with the people he or she worked with as well as the project he or she created.

Likewise, portfolios set expectations; as employers and corporations would see what one can offer, they would expect that what an animator was able to present through their portfolios, they would be able to exemplify once they are placed in the field. Most importantly, portfolios manage to inspire and motivate the animator to acknowledge his or her maximum capabilities, which serve as a ground for corporations and employers to indulge more into ones work and look forward to what the animator can bring to the table.

Apparently, being able to complete a professional quality portfolio gives value to the skills and possibilities that a person can exemplify in the professional setting. Adding up to this is the fact that portfolio highlights the tremendous assets that a person possesses based on his or her personal experience. From here, one can easily say that a professional quality portfolio is an invaluable element that can help individuals secure position in the professional setting. Work Cited College of Charleston. The Importance of Portfolio. College of Charleston Career Center. 2009. 12 May 2009 .

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