The increasing of motorcycle use in southeast Asia Essay

Published: 2020-02-03 21:10:48
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The uncontrolled increasing of motorcycle usage in Indonesia (Tanda. S. Sirait) ABSTRACT The existence of motorcycle in Indonesia has important role as a mean of transportation. On ten years since 2002 to 2012, the growth of motorcycle every year is 18%. This shows that motorcycle growth increases dramatically. Seeing the tendency, it is predicted that the amount of motorcycle will continue to grow. The increase of motorcycle will likely cause increase on the amount, kinds, and size of problems. The potentials of traffic jam, wasting fuel oil, accident involving motorcycle rider will also increase.

Today Indonesias cities are the undisputed motorcycle capitals of the world. The volume of motorcycle traffic in Indonesia cities is astounding, where more than 50% of motorised transport is on motorcycles. The reason it is happened because it is like a boon for people who sorely need better mobilityfor the unavailability of adequate infrastructure, especially mass public transport in Indonesia. Motorcycle ownership by individual households tend to rising rapidly. Some people start to worry about it regarding to the problems that will come soon.

Some country welcome and accommodate motorcycles (as in Malaysia) while some seek to limit or even ban them (as in some Chinese cities). Indonesia government still does not have a clear way how to face this phenomenon. In fact, starting January 1st, 2011, producers are allowed to import finished product in line with their industry permit into Indonesian territory.

The Provision is regulated under the Minister of Trade No. 39/M-DAG/PER/10/2010 (Permendag No. 39/2010) concerning the Import of Finished Product by Producers.

It resulted in a flood of motorcycle products from China, Japan, India and Taiwan. This seminar will present the impact of motor cycle growth and analyze how it effects to the long term of Indonesia economy and spatial. References: Munawar, A. (2008)

Sustainable Urban Public Transport Planning in Indonesia, Paper at Indonesia Students Scientific Meeting Delf University, the Netherlands, 13-15 May 2008. Sembil, M. , Zhang, J. , Fujiwara, A. (2006) Motorcycle Ownership and Use, Hiroshima University,. Paper Series Vol. 2006-3.

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