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The introduction of Information Technology within the fields of business and industries have actually revolutionized the entire system with which people and business institutions have been transacting with each other has already changed. The usual office-based operations have now been applied through online connections. This fact is considered as one of the major results brought about by the impending implementation of globalization systems worldwide.

The growing developments that technology and communications have taken so far have been an essential part of the growing system of technological applications. Along with the technological advancements, the social living of humans also is further enhanced. Both economic and social lifestyles were advancing but there was no rest in incurring the best possible progress that the developers of technological systems wanted. With the introduction of computers to the society, the easier way of living and completing everyday tasks has become a trend for many industrial workers. (Deitel, et al, 2004, 15)

     This is the reason why it is indeed important to consider this particular issue along with studying the necessary points of consideration needing attention in discussing business procedure progression. This issue shall then be discussed within the context of the paper that follows herein.

The Information Systems Impacts on the Strategic Planning Process

Part 1: Introduction

     Globalization has primarily made it possible for international trade and business connection between neighboring countries as a trend of the present society exist. Certainly, the aim of the human society to remain within the scope of economic progress and continue aiming for better results for the sake of profitable advancements in the society, the emergence of different types of businesses has been much possible to occur. Business enthusiasts became braver than they usually are in facing the challenges of establishing new wave business entities, which they believe, would bring change to the human society and how they view the modern living.

     Hence, business organizations who are particularly trying to make it within the industry of the global trade must be able to realize that the idea of globalization is affecting the major companies worldwide. To be able to implement the changes needed by a certain organization with regards the implementation of the new progressive procedures towards a more technologically-coping organization; the company wanting the change needs to attend to several areas of consideration. As for this matter, it is first important to discuss several elemental factors that could actually affect a certain organizations capability of facing the changes that it ought to engage with within the global scene.

Creating the New Branch of the Business

     Everything starts with a vision. From a vision comes plans, and from plans come fulfillment of the vision. Vision and plans are the primary elements for starting any business. An entrepreneur must posses the vision and determination needed for an individual to become successful within the business industry; however, these elements are not solely the needed requirements. Vision and plans are the abstract elements that contribute to business proceedings hence empowering the entrepreneur to continue whatever it is that he has started. The other elements include capital, land [place of business headquarters] and the people force.

     The elements that were mentioned primarily gives essence to the business itself. The capital is more on the monetary resource needed to start the business. At times, this particular resource comes from a group of entrepreneurs who decide to work together for a certain organization, or on the other hand, it is sourced out from loaning or from the pocket of the entrepreneur himself. At some point, the capital actually determines the scale of the business.

Land or the area intended for the business headquarters is depending on what type of business is planned to be established. If the business is supposed to cater to several clients, there should be a place intended for them that would be much convenient for business transactions. However, if the business is online [which is at trend right now] or other home based businesses, the area of business branch would not be much of a problem since the transactions are to be done at any convenient place possible. The people force also depends on the scale of business that is being established.

     Whatever type of business is being established, it is necessary that the entrepreneurs see to it that the different sections of the business, especially that of the people force are well taken care of. The success of the business naturally depends on the ability of the entrepreneurs to balance the idealistic mission as well as the activities of the organization as a business entity. This as well includes the legalities of the organization and its close connection with the existing laws for business organizations.

     It could be noted that opening or establishing a business organization is not that easy to deal with. The first months of operation towards the first year usually deals with the different challenges of effective strategies created to put the organization within the existing competition. Entering a certain business organization and trying to make it within the business industry is a great challenge to everyone wanting to create a considerable reputation in the society.

However, once these particular challenges have been successfully met by the new entrepreneurs, the continuous progress of the said new established organization could be assured. This though does not mean that developments are already to stop once the business has been established. As for a fact, the establishment should simply mark the beginning of the progressive developments intended to help the whole organization remain within competition as long as it exists within the business industry.

     From this particular section of the study, it could be observed that the primary reasons for establishing a business should not only be lead by the need or the want of the entrepreneurs in gaining profitable results form the business. It should be clear to the business entrepreneurs that the said operational act needs to receive ample time for planning and attention on the pros and cons of the situation. From this particular assessment of business opportunities, the possibility of creating a successful source of profit could be identified in a positive point of view.

     It has been certainly stressed out that the different elements of business should be given careful attention within the planning procedures. Carefully giving the said elements ample time of observation shall give the entrepreneurs to make amends on the possible weak links that could cause the failure of the business in the future.

Part 2: Review of the Literature

Marketing is one particular branch of business that deals with all the promotional aspects of a certain business organization. At some point, this particular sector of the organization is perceived to have a certain group of experts attending to the said needs of the organization with regards promotion and advertising. Every kind of organization have their own marketing branch. This is specifically because of the fact that the incoming profit that the company expects from its clients is particularly empowered by the marketing strategies created by the marketing group.

     Whatever it is that the Marketing group plans shall determine the organizations success in the industry. The ability of the said in-charged group in making amends for the organizations ability to make it within the industrial competition in the business world shall make it possible for the business to make a considerable reputation that could attract the clients who are being targeted by the said organization. This is particularly the reason why business organizations both large-scale and small-scale make it a point that the marketing procedures that they carry on for the sake of business progression is given careful attention and as well as an ample amount of investment.

     Particularly, marketing is a business branch that sets the path for the organization as to how they are supposed to trod the journey of success in the industry that they are dealing with. The intensity of the procedures taken by marketing experts particularly pertains to the quality of the advertising procedures that the organization ought to take into consideration for actual operational purposes. It is in this particular sector of the organization that the fast release or distribution of the services or the products offered by the organization towards the clients could be determined.

     Today, the level of competition that each business organization deals with in the human society is clearly identified by the progressive procedures taken by the marketing team of each business company. According to Website Marketing:

Marketing is a broad topic that covers a range of aspects, including advertising, public relations, sales, and promotions. People often confuse sales with marketing, when in fact the two are very different. The former involves getting a product or service into the market, promoting it, influencing behavior, and encouraging sales. Sales are the actual transaction of getting a product or service into the hands of your customers. (

The strategies of marketing that each organization adapts into is primarily defined by the financial capabilities of the said business entity t o provide the services need by the clients that pertain to promotional operations. The strong impact of the marketing strategies also usually brings about the thought that the main target of the promotional presentations is the group of people in the society who are assumed by the organization to be the primary clients of the organization. It is their interest that should be the focus of the promotional interpretations and presentations. The strategies are indeed strongly differed through the identification of the target consumers or clients of the organization. The Website Marketing also adds:

Strategies in marketing have changed enormously since Jay Conrad Levinson introduced the guerrilla concept over 20 years ago. Tactics that were considered radical then are almost main stream now. With so many messages bombarding the consumer in the marketplace today, it is now more difficult than ever to get your product noticed, so marketers have learned to be creative. (

Overall, marketing could then be noted as a source of established foundation for every business organization. The impact that it has on every established business group is a primary concern that brings about possible profitable sources to the different business organizations. Indeed, marketing and the operations that are made under this particular sector of the organization assure the whole business entity of the competitive standing of the entire organization within the business industries.  This is particularly the reason why it has been commented that: Companies without a marketing mindset are at a disadvantage in todays business world. Those who are still centered around their products, rather than their customers, are doomed to fail.

The clients are the main target of marketing procedures, companies who are still starting and those who are already established who give lesser care in this aspect of business operations are indeed assured to have a hard time coping up with the existing competition within the industry.

Getting through with all the RISKS

     Planning the business and setting the marketing strategy to be used by the organization are simply the basic elements needed to create an organization that is intended to set sail in the journey towards global business engagements. TO be able to completely scale the capability of the organization to face the different challenges of dealing with the international market, it is necessary that the business entrepreneurs become aware of the impending issues needed to be dealt with during international business operations.

     What are the risks being referred to herein? According to Fredrick Wilcox Progress always involves risk; you cannot steal second base and keep your foot on the first base. This primarily implies the fact that there are several elements of success in business, especially concerning international relations that could not be met unless the entrepreneur meets the risks that come along with the primary developments.

     The elements of risks could be discussed as follows:

InfoInc should be prepared to actually hiring people from different areas of the world to be able to attain success from the said business venture.

Considering all these elements of risk and being able to understand on how each one affects the business engagements of a certain organization in an International picture shall then help the entrepreneurs create the possibilities and the probabilities of the organizations success in the multicultural market of consumers.

     The company that is to be observed at this point is the organization of Info Inc. which is a start up company wanting to venture in providing its major clients with internet based services that could be used as a source of informative materials in terms of accounting procedures, medical assistance and budget-wise programs that both business enthusiasts and the general public could use in their daily business and household needs and activities.

As a company that is still starting in venturing within the said field, it is necessary for Info Inc to carry on the informations that were further discussed in this paper earlier. It could be noticed that the discussions point out the fact that establishing a new business operation for a certain existing business organization is indeed challenging especially when the business is supposed to handle a global market.

     As the organization aims to venture in a new business operation that they have not been used to in engaging, it is much beneficial to take notice of the fact that the organization needs to take into consideration several factors that would involve the adjustments of the whole body of employee of the said company. The shifting of the priority and the opening of the new arena of service that the company would provide its clients should then be identified as a primary factor that should be carried in constant addressing during the whole procedure of adjusting the organizations focus. First to consider then is the type of internet servicing that the company should be involved into. This shall be discussed within the paragraphs that follow.

   To be able to reach the widest scope of market, Info Inc should invest in creating internet networked branches from different areas of the world. The company may not be required in creating an actual physical branch in the different parts of the world, but it is required to subscribe at a certain internet website host such as Google or yahoo, that would make their company much more accessible by the target market that they ought to serve. Choosing the right type of server or website support is very important. This is the reason why ample research on this matter should be carefully considered by the ones who are to establish the companys website.

The scope of the network should also be closely attended to as this would indicate the expected scope of audience or market that the company could reach out to. As mentioned earlier, marketing is an important way of regenerating a prospect market to get involved within a certain business company; however, lacking the needed access to reach the said clients may make this particular procedure of business operation impossible.

Hence, being able to scale on which type of website support could give the best services to the company basing from its mission in connection with the market that it targets is very important to take into consideration. By doing so, the creators of the said business service-provision branch does not only introduces the company to a wider scope of market, but it also gives it a chance in gaining the peak rate of revenue that it could reach in an annual calculation.

   Since the organization aims to attract business enthusiasts and household members, the presentation of the website should cater to what they are actually interested in. This is where the art of marketing begins o enter the scene. Moat likely, it could be observed that the more attractive and interesting the website looks like, the more it is being viewed by Internet surfers.

This is [particularly the reason why the website of the company should highlight the strength of the company and the idealisms that it has that may attract the concerns of the market. Constant attendance to what the target market wants to know about the company and about their services shall help the creators and programmers of the website have an idea on what they should actually set as features to the said website.

   It must also occur among the creators that the insistence of the websites becoming a user-friendly system is an important part of the feature of the said internet address. This would certainly allow the users, whether they are computer literate or not to have an easy access on what is actually being offered by the organization through their online network.

   Having a companys own website in the internet is like having a legitimate virtual address that would cater to mostly different people from around the world. As globalization opens its doorways to major new waves of business engagements, it could be observed that there are different benefits that the Internet operations bring the different business organizations that use the services provided by the said virtual community. Most of the companies, which do not even have physical establishments are already known because of their internet-based operations. Several points of consideration are as follows:

    To be able to understand the plan further, it is important to lay the finances and budgeting procedures needed to support that project that is being proposed for Info Inc to take into consideration. What are the particular elements of financing that needs to be considered?

  There is a need to hire an expert to at least program the website. The fact that there are different features of presentations that are planned to be embedded within the presentation of the website primarily to attract the clients, there needs to be the existence of professional help for this matter. This then requires a minimal yet reasonable payment for labor.

  Usually, the fees for website maintenance are paid annually. The company should then prepare itself in facing responsibilities such as this.

  The more exposure the site gets, the more surfers it could invite. From this particular fact, it could be noted that funding the sites fees is indeed worthwhile, as that particular fee shall allow the link to the website to appear several times with the utilization of several key words encoded by the internet surfers when they are seeking the help of major search engines in the internet.

  There should always be a standing support specialist that is ready to assist customers in their issues about the services offered by the company. Once the company ventures to this particular type of business operation, it should then occur to them that the importance of placing expert support technicians as well as product or service specialists should constantly be available incase interested client needs assistance.

DIAGRAM 1: Cycle of how Information technology should be applied in Business

       If the values of the cost-causing elements mentioned herein shall be examined, it could be observed that the fees are all reasonable enough of paying on the part of the companys financing group. Most likely, this is because of the much reasonable returns that the said fees are expected to return to the entire companys business system.

       Handling such responsibilities in a much more positive outlook shall indeed help the administration of the organization realize of their importance as major player within the worldwide economy. The operations that they are expected to handle through inline communications shall not only increase their capabilities of handling challenges but could also help them grow as a business entity that is able to face the challenges of the globalization era.


     Entering the arena of international business venture is indeed not an easy task for business entrepreneurs. However, because of the main focus of globalization in empowering dreamers of the said industry helps much in assisting entrepreneurs in seeing the possibilities of enlarging the scope of their territories of profitable areas through stretching their business activities towards the other countries around the globe.

     It could not be denied though that the procedure of international business looks much inviting, it should not be forgotten that the risks are highly challenging, hence encouraging the entrepreneurs to apply clear control of the situation through applying the needed skills to face the challenges of the international business transactions. Expanding the business in this procedure is indeed promising; however, careful consideration on the elements of risk should be given clear attention by the hopeful business entrepreneurs. 


Validation of Literature

            Although the past have already placed a strong impact on how the people viewed business operations done through the Internet, several business enthusiasts never ceased finding ways by which they would be able to attain success within the said industry. Many among the business owners around the world still believe in the benefits that investing in online business ventures would naturally bring their organizations. As for a fact, the said situation is quickly becoming a trend both among organizations that are already established and the business and even those business entities that are just starting to join the said competitive industry. Most of the benefits that the said system of business transacting has mainly attracted investors as well as stockholders in making a great decision of joining in the process of industrial change though the innovative integration of technology within the system.

     To understand this claim further, a diagrammatic presentation shall be shown herein:

Diagram 2: Effects of Information Technology in the relationship between clients and business organizations

Diagram Analysis:

     From the presentation made above, it could be observed that the reason behind the business entities joining the band wagon of taking advantage of the provisions of science and technology in the modern society is indeed worthwhile. As it could be seen, the five major effects that have been presented through the diagram actually directly affect the growth rate of the organizations in a modern society. This is indeed an attractive provision that IT could ever offer business entities.


     From the discussion and the presentations made in this paper, it could be observed that there is indeed a need for business entities to take the risks in making it within the industry of virtual business. Making their business services and products available through the Internet for the sake of advertising or even selling as it is would surely offer the organizations a progressive future in the fields that they are joined with. Certainly, the innovations brought about by information technology actually radically changed the economic trade of the entire global state of business industries. This is the reason why a particular entrepreneur trying to make the business scene in the current era of globalization needs to know the basic of computer applications and Internet system operations for their business organization.


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