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If you have been following modern cinema you must know about The Kings Speech. Its one of the best and inspiring movies. The movie was based on a true story of a king. This story may help many of us to overcome from our weakness where we hesitate to move forward. The story is so inspirational and it can change someones life, as the subject of story is well motivating. This movie can be change and improve by many ways. But still the movie is an awesome one with the heart melting speech at the end which fills everyones eyes with tears. This film is the story of King George VI (Colin Firth), the king who never inherits the throne.

After the death of his father, Bertie, was suddenly crowned King George VI. As he suffers from severe stammer from age of 4-5 years, that cripples his ability to speak in public. When Albert repeatedly fails to overcome his stammer, with his country on the brink of war and in desperate need of a leader, his wife Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter) arranges for her husband to consult with an eccentric speech therapist Lionel Logue. He helps the unsure monarch become worthy of it. With a rough start the progress of the treatment was low. But Albert is put to the test far sooner than expected.

The two research in to an unorthodox course of treatment. Finally with the support of Logue, his family and the king overwhelms from his impediment. He delivers a speech that inspires and unites his people in a battle. And the king and Logue remain lifelong friends. The film narrates how a man overcomes his own inhibitions and comes out his shell to become the leader of a nation. This film and the story is an inspiration for the people who have low self-esteem, any kind of dis ability especially for those who suffers from stammers. It shows that if work hard on anything nothing can come in between your success and you.

By seen this movie most of the people can gather a belief that they can come out of in which they are weak at. Moreover it says if you believe you can and youre halfway there. In life there are some moments where we feel dread of something. It halts us to go ahead. Some of the people go in a depression and some of them give up in between. But the story of the kings speech gives a strong inspirational massage for those who have less self-confidence. Moreover it enhances the confidence of speaking in front of an audience.

For example some of hesitate to speak in front of our class, because we think we are not capable for it. We feel that ther may be laughing at the back. But it doesnt mean that we should stop doing it or we give up. Its not your fault that you are unable to do that. Sometimes some of your ability of performing a specific task is low. But as its shown in the movie our hard work and faith on our ability to do something will improve us. If you put the complete effort on it, you can change your weakness in to you strongest. And finally this hard work will live up to the expectation of others on us. In the movie the king George fails repeatedly but he never give up. His stammer becomes his weakness and he was insulted many times by the people of his kingdom.

But still he kept trying. Anyone who has any disability can take King George as an example. His struggles, hard works, and faith can be one of the biggest motivations for such people. Instead of hesitating they can try till they get to the top. If they think that its an inspiration for them and if they work hard on it they can come out of their disability or stammer. Even though you suffer from such a disability like stammers from a long time this story will motivate you to take the advice of specialists and be given such therapies for your betterment. By these ways this story may help to change a persons life.

As well as this, the movie is a fascinating one; it has got so many things which can be done in order to improve the quality of the movie. The movie can be improved much more than what it is. There are several ways to bring more affection. By changing some scripts, some scenes should have been more affective and the scenes would have been more realistic. Like when there is opening scene of King Georges couple his wife should be given a little longer script in order to encourage him and to support his confidence as he was nervous because thats the first public appearance of him.

While the wife of Logue sees the king and his wife in their house she should have been expressing her feelings more. In the movie there is no moment shown from Georges child hood. Which are the difficulties he faces? How he suffers when he grew up because of his dis ability in speaking. Any treatment was not shown which he received before becoming a king. Being a son of a king he must have taken some treatment even before getting the honor to become a monarch. As well as when he struggle to overcome with his stammer there is no one who supports him rather than his dear wife, neither from his family, nor his employees.

And not even a friend to encourage his hard work. The film was famous for the story of course for the struggle of king and for the speech which unites his people. But in the movie it has been shown very short of his speech. Instead of that if they have sown a bit more of his speech it could be more interesting and inspiring for the generations. It could be much more touching. Also while hes giving the speech lively they have shown two three houses, army force on their duty and outside of the stadium where king gives his speech. t could have been much better if they would have shown many other places where people are listening his speech like more houses, shops other work places like hospitals, also they should have shown some other area of the world, other countries as he is giving his speech to all over the world. At the end when he succeeds giving his speech the king should have been given a dialog to appreciate his wifes support and also for being his biggest strength in spite of just giving a formal hug when he sees his wife after the speech.

These are few things which I contemplate that can be done to make the movie much better. This is a story of a man who became a king and also suffered from stammer, which hesitate him to complete his duty of being a king. This is an inspirational story for elders, students, parents, teachers, especially for the ones who have any kind of dis ability. The story can improve anyones life as its an example for strugglers. It would have been much better if it can be shown to under agers. As its important to inspire and motivate the children when they grow up.

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