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Published: 2020-02-22 02:51:24
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Possibly one of the most important elements of any society is the labor sector. The labor force or the work force basically refers to a group of people who designated to do a specific task. However, more than just providing manual labor, the people in the work force basically provide services or goods for the benefit of the economy. The laborers in a mobile phone company, for example, are the ones who basically assemble the units inside a factory before they are made commercially available.

Moreover, in any company, there is also an organization of people called the labor union, which is basically formed for advancing and upholding its members interests in respect to benefits, wages, and working conditions. In addition, these are the people who negotiate with the management of a company regarding any issues, controversies, and proposals, among others, and come up with a solution that would be in the best interest of the laborers and the company.

Personally, I believe that labor union is vital in ensuring the equality and fairness among the laborers as it represents the work forces beliefs and protects their interests. Since the labor force or the work force is basically the group of people responsible for the assembly and production of goods and services, they play a highly essential role in ensuring the success of a company, especially the ones involved in mass production. If the labor sector experiences major problems or setbacks it basically affects the operations and flow of production of any company and this is the specific reason why they should be treated fairly.

My realization of the importance of an organization that would represent the labor force basically came when I saw workers for a certain company who were on strike due to the refusal of the management to give in to their demands of a wage increase. Since the workers were on strike and ceased to continue their tasks, the operations of the company were basically crippled, if not slowed down.

Although instances like this one are basically common, it made me realize how crucial the role the labor union is. In addition, I also admired their determination and their relentless efforts to secure the interests of the labor force. In this connection, seeing how well I understand the tasks of the labor union and the difficulty it faces, I believe that I should be considered to be offered a union scholarship.

I believe that for one to appreciate the importance of the labor sector not only to the economy but also the society, one has to know and understand the sectors governing principles and ideals. Moreover, I believe that the cause of the labor union is a noble one since it basically deals with fairness and equality, which are two things that are necessary for any society to be able to thrive and succeed. I believe I share the same beliefs and sympathy with the labor union so I am sure I can relate to them and all their goals.

In addition, one of my dreams is to be able to help the labor union using my profession in promoting and safeguarding the interests and rights of the work force. By doing so, I believe that I would be able help hundreds of people who are in need.

Furthermore, my experiences with certain labor movements have also taught me very importance lessons in life such as the value of hard work. More importantly, however, the labor union and movement have also taught me the importance for fighting for a noble cause and in effect, also made me grow as a person.

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