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Published: 2019-10-10 12:24:29
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In Matthew chapter 10 verse two to four, a list of 12 disciples were given. It was also in this chapter that Matthew explains each of their skills and experiences as well as their character traits. Alter out the New Testament and the small as the gospel of the Roman Catholic Church which we practice today, in the 12 disciples are regularly cited and are often even the central themes of the stories (Singer-Towns, 2005).

It is these disciples where the story of Jesus had been built upon, and if it had not been for them, many of the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church would be lost. The gospel writers themselves, even, ” of course many already know are also members of the 12 disciples. It would therefore be an interesting discussion for our purpose of understanding the leadership style of Jesus on why he had the 12 disciples to follow him in the first place (Nouwen, 1993).

It is in the book of Matthew that we again understand the purpose of Jesus on why he had chosen the 12 disciples. They have been described as recruits, and the Roman Catholic Church through various studies of scholars over the centuries had identified that Jesus had chosen 12 in order to become the fishers of men (Nouwen, 1993). This style of leadership of Jesus could be further understood when we finally realize that many modern-day companies and businesses rely on apprenticeship stages.

This is of course extremely evident in large corporations when there are single identifiable leaders. This leadership style of Jesus further exemplifies and identifies that if we are the ones who are leading, it does not necessarily fall unto our shoulders each and every single task for all eternity (Clinton, 2006). Delegation is the key word for the concept here, and it is through delegation that we discover that leadership does not necessarily have to be doing everything right all the time by yourself.

In our modern-day setting, many of the owners of corporations and the heads of business ventures and organizations think so highly of themselves that they have the opinion that they could be the only ones who could be able to produce results and achieve the goals of the company. However, what these leaders need to identify and understand is that delegation in the choosing of the disciples could perhaps be a wise option for it not only creates a more efficient setting for a company, but also increases productivity levels of individuals and groups.

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