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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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In Washington, D.C., in the year 2054, murder has been eliminated. The future is foretold and the guilty punished before the crime has ever been committed. From a nexus deep within the Justice Departments elite Pre-Crime unit, all the evidence to convict felons, from imagery alluding to the time, place and other details is seen by the Pre-Cogs, three psychic beings whose visions of murders have never been wrong. It is the nations most advanced crime force, a perfect system. And no one works harder for Pre-Crime than its top man, Chief John Anderton. Destroyed by a tragic loss, Anderton has thrown all of his passion into a system that could potentially spare thousands of people from the tragedy he lived through. Six years later, the coming vote to take it national has only fueled his conviction that Pre-Crime works. Anderton has no reason to doubt it until he becomes its #1 suspect. As the head of the unit, Anderton is the first to see the images as they flow from the liquid suspension chamber where the Pre-Cogs dream of murder.

The faces are unknown to him, but this time, the killers identity is clear to Anderton when he sees himself murder a total stranger in less than 36 hours. Now with his own unit tracking his every move, led by his rival Danny Witwer, Anderton must go below the radar in this state-of-the-art automated city, where every step you take is monitored. Because people cant hide, everybody runs. With no way to defend himself against the charge of Pre-Crime, John must trace the roots of what brought him here, and uncover the truth behind the questions he has spent the past six years working to eliminate: Is it possible for the Pre-Cogs to be wrong? Own opinion.

Steven Spielberg? Tom Cruise? Seriously I was not expecting much from this movie, but I was wrong, as it turned out to be a mature science fiction movie. I liked how Mr. Spielberg presented 2054 A.D. (Even if He was too optimistic I am afraid¦), where Precogs predict crimes beforehand. This whole Precog method of peacekeeping, and it use in more and more places every day, raise interesting ethical questions. Is the person really guilty if he/she has not committed the crime yet, because Precrime arrested him/her based on the prediction of Precogs? Are Precogs infallible? What if they make mistakes sometimes? Is if they do make mistakes, is it worth it for the greater good? Is it ethical to keep Pre-cogs sedated and placed in a room in their whole life to serve the law, basically taking away they chance to a normal life? These are some of the questions the movie asks from the viewer, while the plot unfolds.

The movies main plot is also interesting and keep you seated the whole run time. It is about John Anderton who heads Precrime, and believes the systems flawlessness. However one day the Pre-cogs predict that Anderton will commit a murder himself in the next 36 hours. Anderton decides to get to the mysterys core by finding out the minority report which means the prediction of the female Pre-cog Agatha that might tell a different story and prove Anderton innocent. I can only recommend the movie. It has some interesting twist and turns. Tom Cruises character is layered and the actors all did a great job in their roles.

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