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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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A sauce is the crowning glory of any dish. From the basic five mother sauces, there are literally hundreds of variations of sauce that are used to dress, compliment, enhance and bring out the flavor of the food it is served with. Food is simply better with sauce. Nuggets need to be dipped; chopped steak, smothered; and macaroni, cheesed. The French have known this for quite some time, as evidenced by their culinary reliance on 5 classic sauces. Sauces play an important part of all cuisine. Sauces originally came about to mask the unpleasantness of food back when refrigeration was nonexistent. But today sauces have a much more happy place on our plate. Sauces are not to be consumed alone, they are accompaniments to dishes. Sauces add flavor to dishes, add moisture to drier foods, and they add nutrients.

Classic hot sauces are divided into two groups: mother or leading sauces (Fr. sauce mere) and small or compound sauces. The five classic mother sauces are bchamel, veloute, espagnole (brown), tomato and hollandaise. Except for hollandaise, leading sauces rarely served as is; more often they are used to create the small sauces. The number of sauces in the world are endless. As long as chefs continue create amazing dishes, amazing sauces will be born. Although there is an endless aray of sauces, there are only five Mother sauces. Of these five sauces, any sauce can be created with a few modifications. Food is simply better with sauce. Many sauces require a similar base a concentrated form of broth.

This, too, is easy to make from meat or fish bones. In fact, the basic ingredients for making sauces are even more varied than those used in making soup; for example, a huge variety of sauces can be produced from a basic mixture of butter and eggs. Knowing the five basic mother sauces is as helpful to the food lover as it is to the chef. Understanding these sauces will help you read menus, decide what to order, and determine what wines might pair best with your meal. For cooks and chefs alike, learning to make the five mother sauces is a basic skill that will open up a world of culinary possibilities.

Background of the study

Good sauces are the sign of sophisticated cuisine. The secret of these is a carefully prepared basic sauce, from which many types can be made. Some sauces help in digestion, e.g. mint sauce, apple sauce with roast pork. It gives moistness to the food, e.g. white sauce adds creaminess to firm and dry food. Adds color to the food. Served as an accompaniment, sometimes gives a contrast taste to another food, e.g cranberry sauce with roast turkey. Sometimes gives the name to the dish. It enhances nutritional value of the dish. Dresses and complements are food that need some additional quality and makes the food more palatable. Gives tartness and contrasts or balances a bland food, e.g. Devil sauce served with eggs give appealing tartness Setting of the Study

This study was conducted at the Batangas State University ARASOF Nasugbu Campus which is located at Barangay Bucana, Nasugbu Batangas because of supplementary needs the researchers conceptualized and validated this teaching device to facilitate the teaching learning process in making mother sauces. In choosing the site, the researchers can easily conduct this study because the respondent were the Associate Dean, Professors, instructors and BS Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Statement of the Problem

The statement attempted to developed and evaluate of instructional video presentation in making mother sauces. Specifically, this study attempted to answer the following question 1. What are the components of the developed instructional video presentation? 2. What are the steps/procedures used in the said video presentation development. 3. How do the instructors assess the instructional video presentation terms of

4.1. Objectives

4.2. Content
4.3. Manner of presentation
4.4. Language and style
4.5. Effectiveness and usefulness

4. How can the development of their video presentation contribute to the enhancement of the competencies of the BSHRM.

Significance of the Study

This study will one way or another benefit the following:

The Admin This study will provide baseline information on the teaching capabilities of the institution of HRM students. The Faculty This study may inspire them to make use in their teaching the developed video presentation on making mother sauces and to articulate their professional standards for teaching specifically those geared towards the developed of the students skills in cooking to evaluate and assess their own performance against national standards of competence and to identify areas of strength as well as their knowledge and capabilities. The Students This study may help them to gain more ideas as regards making mother sauces. The Researchers This study would help them to gain more and or better ideas on how to developed a good and effective instructional materials.

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