The narrative point of view to shape the readers response? Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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Even though he has never really had physical interaction with the family. He still feels like hes part of them because he has been through a lot of things with them. Such was the history of my beloved cottages. It impressed me deeply, I learned from the views of social life which it developed. This evokes emotion and pathos as the reader wants the creature to be accepted if he should join them. The creature wants to join them and believes they will not judge him and accept him. He wants to interact with the family and he will do anything for them.

When the creature does finally build up the courage to show himself to the family. The reader feels just as nervous as the creature. He ceases his opportunity to be alone with the old man, as he believes he will not judge him on his appearance because he cannot see. This reassures the creature as he believe the old man will like his personality and that he will persuade the family that the creature is a good person. This builds the confidence in the creature. They are the most excellent creatures in the world: but unfortunately, they are prejudiced against me.

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This emphasises that the creatures wants to be accepted by this family who he loves and thinks very highly of. He wants to join them and he wants the old man to make the family learn to accept him for who he is, just like the old man has done. The creature craves the security, Interaction and love a family brings. When the rest of the cottagers return and see this creature their reaction is more terrible than anyone could of ever thought. The reader suddenly realises this is the dread they have being feeling through out the chapter.

They realise the creature has made a big mistake, he was too trusting and the family where to judgemental. Who can describe the horror and consternation on beholding me? This shows that the creature never really thought about the consequences of revealing himself to the others. He had a strong belief that his adopted family would understand. Emotion is an important part of this chapter as the creature becomes overwhelmed by it. When the cottagers reject him. He feels sadness because he is now alone and has no one to watch, learn and feel safe with.

His anger is also shown as he vows revenge on his creator. He believes that his creator was wrong to make him in this way. He sets off in search of Victor. Cursed! Cursed, Creator! This displays the creatures anger at his creator and it also shows his questioning of his birth. He has all this built up emotion from what has just happened and he needs to express it. Victor must be careful, as from earlier on in the novel we know what this gentle giant is capable of. The narration of the creature within this chapter shows his strong point of view and his feelings of hurt and anger.

Mary Shelley has shown her points of view through her creature and she has shown that there are flaws in society as the family are very judgemental about the creature and many people where judgemental of this novel, as it seemed to be written ahead of its time. Shelley has included this style of narration to represent what other may think. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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