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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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I love to watch NASCAR (National Association of Stock Car Racing) races on television.   The action is fast paced and the thrill and anticipation, the waiting for the next crash is addictive.  Although sporting events are great venues for advertising, NASCAR events are pure marketing heaven.

If you ever watch one and analyze the production, you can not miss the fact that even the cars themselves are commercials that compel you to stare at brand names of products every second. Car related industries profit greatly by paid commercial breaks in television programming and on car endorsements.  This type of on car advertising is ideal for the racing circuit, effectively presenting a product advertisement that is clearly seen and focused upon throughout the entire racing event.

In his article, Dale Zooms to the front of the endorsements, Bruce Horovitz writes that since the drivers themselves are the stars, driver endorsements actually pay them more than winning the races.  He also says that marketing sales jumped from $50 million in 1990 to $2 billion in 2003.  With these statistics in mind, marketing research is essential in order to present a product, at a sellable price to a demographically correct market.

Chris Jones states in his article, NASCAR Sponsors: Drive-By Marketing that on car advertising is viewed as a sure thing with guaranteed return of investment since 189 million households viewed televised NASCAR Winston Cup series races in 2003, advertisers can count on both high exposure as well as a wide geographic range of that exposure.

Since these racing are so saturated with advertising and marketing, right down to cars being identified by their sponsors (i.e. the NAPA car), and the target audience is usually the male American blue collar worker, scheduling of the race days are usually planned and televised on weekends, with the sponsors in mind.

With over $50 million in marketing sales being seen per year due to NASCAR sporting events, it is a certainty that the four Ps (product, pricing, place and promotion) are being utilized better in the NASCAR arena better than just any other venue today.


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                                   USA Today, McLean, Virginia

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