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Published: 2020-02-24 05:21:00
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As time changes, so does the calendar. In 1793, the Gregorian calendar was replaced by a new one. Dates were moved, months renamed and the number of days in a week increased. The reason for a new calendar in France was to change and fix what was wrong in the original calendar. People who were with the new calendar approved it, for it provided more work and and a better resting day. For those who were against the new calendar, claimed that it made working life more difficult and that it was against nature. The adoption of a new calendar was a major change during the French Revolution.

The calendar was created by skilled astronomers and was believed to be correct. The new calendar was created to correct all the problems that were passed down to them for many generations. Many believed that the Gregorian calendar was corrupt and the vices should be corrected (Doc 9). The new calendar showed the character of the revolution. Exactness, simplicity, reason and philosophy was used to create the new calendar. They believed that the new calendar will soon increase commerce and trade through uniformity of weights and measures. The arts and history will need new measurements of time.

All errors of routine, which have been passed down, will now be erased (Doc 5). They also believed that it would make farming much easier if the year was split up by seasons (Doc 4). This is bias because the people who created the new calendar probably were high class citizens and dont know how hard labor was for the farmers and the affects of more work days. Many people were in favor of this new calendar and were strong supporters. Many believed that the church calendar was brought upon ignorant people and that its main purposed was to mark the progress of fanaticism, debasement of nations, persecution and disgust.

Also that as time creates new history it needs to be written in a different way (Doc 2). Many supported the Tenth Day of the week. People enjoyed reciting deeds, reading republican accomplishments, and honoring the memory of generals who became martyrs. They claimed they gained virtue on their day of rest (Doc 6). Some where thankful for extra days of labor and less day of rest for the active people (Doc 9). This is bias because if you have an easy job you would want to go to work but if you were raised and worked as a farmer who has do endure ifficult days of hard labor, you would be against the new calendar. Most of the people were not in favor of this new change.

Many believed that the new calendar makes it much harder to connect with neighboring countries and with the centuries before them. It creates an obstacle too difficult to overcome (Doc 3). This is bias because even though the countries may have some similarities, their traditions and customs will always be different. Farmers complained about having more days of labor and less days of rest. In the ten day weeks, nine days are work days and one day is a rest day.

They said that it was unbearable work and that they need more rest days from the harsh labor (Doc 7). Some say that the new calendar was forced upon the people as an act of despotism and that the holidays and festivals were based on it and were detestable (Doc 8). They also complained that there werent enough days of worship and that the extra days of worship should be reduced so Sunday is more holy and that the prayers are accepted by God. This is bias because even if they turn that calendar back to the original, there is only one day of worship, the same as the new calendar.

When the National Convention adopted the revolutionary calendar, there were many different reactions to this change. The reason for the new calendar was to create a change and fix all the errors with the Gregorian calendar. Many people thought the new calendar provided more work and production of goods and a better rest day. Those who were not in favor of this new calendar were against it because it created harder labor and less time for rest and worship. This ne calendar lasted through the republican era but was erased by Napoleon I in 1806.

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