The Nez Perce Treat Essay

Published: 2019-12-14 16:30:24
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The Nez Perce Treaty of 1855 was signed by Chief Joseph, the father of infamous Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Indian Tribe. In 1855, Chief Josephs father, Old Joseph, signed a treaty with the United States Government that allowed his people to retain much of their traditional lands. In 1863 another treaty was created that severely reduced the amount of land, but Old Joseph Chief of the Nez Perce maintained that this second treaty was never agreed to by his people. Again, in 1868 the Nez Perce Treaty was ratified, but this time would be the final revision of the Nez Perce treaties with the United States Government forever.

Chief Joseph was lead to believe that after signing this treaty the tribe would be able to return to their home lands. But this treaty forced the Nez Perce Indians to move from their lands in Oregon and Washington first to a reservation in Kansas to again be later moved to Oklahoma. The treaties allowed white settlers access to the lands in the pacific northwest. This access allowed white settlers to inhabit, settle and own these lands forever. As a result of these treaties the Nez Perce were given two hundred thousand dollars from the United States Government along with the building of schools, blacksmith shops, and housing.

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