The Oil Crisis Has a Big Influence to Peoples Future Essay

Published: 2020-01-20 04:21:06
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Nowadays, Oil crisis has a big influence to our world right now. The harmful effects probably are easier to see. We have already indicated that conflict tends to cumulate rapidly. This snowballing tendency may lead to complete breakdown before the self-limiting features of most interpersonal exchanges have a chance to operate. Oil has always been at the center of discussions of resource scarcity. Over the last decade of volatile and often rising oil prices, a vast peak oil literature has emerged citing the geological finitude of petroleum as a harbinger of an era of catastrophic energy scarcity. (Matthew 816-826)

Concerns about oil resources is one of humanitys greatest issues, people overused of oil will bring a huge of negative impacts to peoples lives, such as economic issue and environmental issue. Therefore, saving oil resource and developing new energy are becoming important task of human being. When people began to invent and started to use of the motor vehicle, they did not realized that the shortage of oil resources will bring a huge negitive affect to human society.

Also, a view of the global economic system as one divided between certain industrialized nations that control wealth and developing countries that are controlled and exploited. While, these effects does gradually emerge day by day. A decade year ago, the international energy experts predicted that there had been only 40 years enough of oil resources on the earth. (Kuo 8) However, from the current situation, the 40 years projection period is clearly to break now.

Futhermore, the decrease of the annual global oil production is associated with most of countries and regions will reach to oil resources possibilities in their forecaste period and they start to decrease oil production. (Vysotskii 11) Therefore, people need to develop the new energy resources. While,the nature gas as an abudant and affordable energy which is given to people a good option. (Kuo 9) There more and more vechiles are used in the big cites such as Beijing , Newyork , Tokyo , Paris ,etc. So, the more demand of vechiles means that the more quantity of oil we need. kuo 9) In U. S, oil resoursce always a big issue to people , for example,the worlds price of the gaslion has a big influece to peoples lives.

As we know that oil price is becoming more and more expensive , therefore we need to use more natural gas to our auto vechiles instead of the peak oil. (Kuo 11) On the other hand, the oil resources lead to many wars happened and the oil price is unstable. Therefore, with higher oil prices, the demand of natural gas is raising so that people pefer to choose natural gas as new energy resource. Justine, 70) Moreover, the overused of the oil has the disadvantage to our environment and personal safety. For example, the petrol engine exhaust emissions of Vehicles has seriously affected peoples living environment and air quality. There are currently no alternative sources of energy or raw materials that can take the place of oil to allow people in developed societies to continue to live as they are currently living. ( Tranter and Sharpe 182) So people need to explore new energy instead of the peak oil.

Otherwise, the harm will effect peoples next generation. Especially, the children will take the risk of the cheap oil issues. For example, cheap oil has allowed many parents feel not safety for their children play outside because it could cause the traffic accident. (Tranter and Sharpe 184) Therefore, natural gas is a fundamental element in the future energy supply mix, and it has fewer harmful pollutants and can help people create a cleaner and more healthy environment. (Kuo 10)

An area of study that is concerned with the interrelationships between people and their environment. Nevertheless, since the world has such gigantic reserves of natural gas available, and oil is clearly on the wane, the use of nature gas to replace oil is highly probable whatever happens. We must not forget, that replacing oil by natural gas produces far less pollution and, if carefully extracted, can help assure a cleaner environment with huge benefits for transport, health, industries and electricity generation. (Kuo 9) Therefore, the excessive use of oil resource is not only effect environment but also hurts personal safety. Human being is a big family in the world, so we should protect the shortage energy and invent some new resources instead of the oil resource for our future lives. As defined by the world health organization, a state of complete physical, mental, and social well- being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.

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