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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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The perfect job is only a fantasy, but one which everyone wishes to have. It is a dream that every man or woman wants to be fulfilled, at each point of their career. Like a self fulfilling prophesy, everyone chases that one shadow. They set high standards for themselves along the line of remuneration, ease of access, prospect of becoming the boss in no time, and other wild dreams that can only cone true in the dreamland.

Like blood through their veins, the perfect job runs many thousand miles in the minds of every young graduate, who is willing to carve a niche for themselves in whatever profession they have chosen. Many get college degrees, some, doctorate degrees, while yet, others continue to arm themselves with such kinds of knowledge that are not taught in the books- they see themselves as smart and capable of achieving anything they want in life. They simply think they can get whatever job they want with six-figure salaries and other paraphernalia attached.

In visualizing  the perfect job, individuals often paint rosy pictures of fat salaries. Everyone agrees that there is no other motivation that can replace a good value for whatever service an employee is offering to their employer. Individuals often think that having the appropriate pay for the job is an essential motivation to compensate for all the stress and hard work that one has to go through in order to satisfy the demands of the job. People often fail to recognize that individual capabilities differ and that not everyone can be rated as good as the other g guy. This might lead to dissatisfaction with the job at the end of the day. Money creates a certain kind of security for some people.

Also another component of the perfect job is the satisfaction which is derived from doing the particular job. Everyone have their various motivating force. For some, it is the passion and commitment with which they do their job. They just love doing it. For people like this, they simply cannot take up other career opportunities aside from the one they are really passionate about.

Its either they do it or they are not ready to do other things. These kinds of individuals have long term career goals and once they get to the profession, they continue to strive hard so that they meet up with their long term goals. They are eager to get to the top of the ladder. This is an achievement based motivation and only few people dare to have it.  Many people tend to look at the short term benefits, under which the remuneration will come.

Also, an individuals ability to work with others speaks a lot of the level of satisfaction that they derive from the job. A lot of people derive the pleasure of working closely with other people. They are achievers that always want to bring the best out of their relationship with others. Such individuals derive pleasure from working with other people. These people are strongly motivated to succeed in their careers. This cannot be compared to motivation, only based on money.

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