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Published: 2020-04-22 08:06:56
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The term Diversity is a dimension that can be used to differentiate groups and people from one another. (Bacher, 200) The word itself has become more frequently used in recent years as the world is beginning to encompass people with many differences. Diversity covers a range of characteristics and deals with how we accept and deal with how we accept or respect those characteristic. Bucher , 2010)

In other words, diversity is just not about ethnicity, race, gender but its much broader then we actually think but its the otherness or those human qualities that are different from our own and outside the groups, to which we belong, yet present in other individual groups. The specific characteristic or trouts that difference people or groups are referred to as the dimensions of diversity (Bucher, 2010). As one recognizes the many dimensions of diversity, it is important to note that not all of the dimensions are visible. Many all of the dimensions are visible.

Many of our dimensions that make us different are considered hidden because they are not apparent by working at a person. Also, some dimensions may be a persons race, gender, or ethnicity (Bacher, 2010). Sometimes hidden dimensions can include non- physical traits such as social class, religion, level of education, sexual orientation, and religion, level of education, sexual orientation, or marital status. We can recognize that diversity can have different meanings; we must also recognize that people will have their own dimensions of diversity, whether visible or hidden.

My Place for Diversity Multimedia Review: I completed and viewed the profiles and observe the Characteristics of the people in the multimedia. I recognize how there can be preconceived ideas of how a person will look if they contain certain dimensions. As I completed the profile, I reviewed Tammy. Reading the non- observable characteristic. I used my own stereotype and prejudices to attempt to determine which person would match the given description, I was wrong. The method I used to determine who fit the profile could be considered visible dimension.

I only can conceive what I see not what is hidden my visible dimension maybe consider optimism. The profile describe this person being born in syracaur, NY, they lived in an upscale suburb. These people graduated at the age of 17, then went to college out of state and visit her family during the summer breaks; she is 5ft 3 in tall with few gray hairs. Next, I ruled out the other woman because their description didnt fit in my mind to the non- observable characteristic. Why? While one lady looked as if she was upscale by her dressed appearance and long dark hair setting in a office seat.

Actually, after I read the observable characteristic, then I noticed that Tammy did fit the visible dimension because of her work baggage on her work uniform. Also she had glasses on that made her look professional. Most hidden dimension can be over looked by just judging the outer appearance whether then accepting the person and respect their uniqueness. When you see many different sides of other cultures, you are now being well-versed, and can make sensible assessments about others.

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