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Published: 2020-02-25 12:20:42
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The plan for our project is to host a Pro Evolution Soccer Tournament. The client for this project will be students at John Ruskin College. The aims and objectives for this project are to gain profit and gain customer satisfaction. The venue for the launch of this project will be within the college, which is in room C56. We will need i?? 5 for prize money, i?? 10 for a trophy and i?? 7. 50 for three plain black t-shirts. These will be worn by the three co-ordinators of the tournament. Health and Safety check list

Our Health and Safety procedures will be to check that loose wires are placed out of the reach of the clients while the tournament is running. Equipments Time Checked Room 11:00 Television 11:15 Plugs 11:25 Consoles 11:40 Wires 11:55 Contest Table This is a brief example of what the contest table would look like. Rules The competition will be set up as a knockout stage. It will comprise of 32 teams, being either club or international. There are five rounds of matches, with each round eliminating half of the teams entering the other round.

The rounds are the Rounds of 32, the Rounds of 16, the Quarter-finals, the Semi-finals and lastly, the Final. Each game will last up to five minutes. A draw will be followed by extra time if both teams fail to find a winner. If is still not yet decided, it will be decided with a penalty shootout to determine who progressed to the next round (at least five penalties each, and more if necessary). Task 2 Donations towards this task will come from the college, who will give us our budget and allocate us a room to stage the tournament.

The main advantage of staging this event within a college class room such as C56 will be that competitors would not have to go far and wide to play, as it is in the college. Another advantage is that the venue where the tournament will be staged would be for free to use, as it is college property. There is also a lot of space for the competitors within the room, which will avoid discomfort. The last advantage of using the room is that there are more facilities within the room, which will enable us to operate effectively.

The main disadvantage of using this location in the college is that there are a lot of computers in there which can cause a disturbance to our plans. Another disadvantage of using this location is that the room is not air-conditioned, therefore, causing upset amongst clients. Budgets and targets have been confirmed and for the competition to get up and running, a total of i 22. 50 will be needed so that all basic deadlines are met. Our budget includes i?? 10 for a trophy, i?? 7.

50 for the T-Shirts and i?? 5 for the prize money given to the winner. We also have a donation from a source in the form of a friend, who will print the three black t-shirts for free. It will have Pro Evolution Soccer Contest printed on the back. We have run and tested all resources needed for the project and have come to noticed that there was no potential difficulties towards prior implementations. Therefore, no extra resources will be needed to run the project, as all seems to be well.

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