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Published: 2020-04-22 15:06:56
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The stories that I have read both have dreams. Both of the stories have dreams that are virtually impossible to achieve. Although the dreams in the book are set in very different times and are very different to each other, they are suitable for that period of time. Both the authors show that dreams are always present everywhere no matter where they are and when they take place. Both of the authors write from there own past experience, one way or another. George and Lenniei?? s dream is to liv of the fata the lani??. This means that they dream to buy their own land and be there own boss and work there every day.

They also want to be fed from there and Lennie wants to tendi?? his rabbits. As soon as candy finds out that George and Lennie have a dream, Candy buysi?? in to it by offering all his savings. Lennie and George are outcasts and exiles, the reason for this is for the fact that they are itinerant workers and they always work together and go everywhere with each other. This makes them outcasts because they always go everywhere together where as compare to other people at that moment in time every one went on their own. Michaeli?? s reality is common and typical.

There is nothing fascinating in his life apart from his nephew little Frank. Michael is unemployed and searches for work virtually everyday and he lives on his own. His family sees him as a failure in life. Michael doesni?? t see himself in that way. In Michaeli?? s dream he see himself as a rich and a wealthy person whose son like friend little frank is the most important thing to him. Michaeli?? s dream also comprises a castle in the air, which he possesses and is very proud to have. His dream is about caring for little Frank and being cherished in the society.

George and Lenniei?? s dream farmi?? is a version of the American dream. All American people dreamt this dream. The dream farmi?? represents ambition and the possibility of escape from the itinerant workeri?? s loneliness and poverty. Georgei?? s vision is an example of the second kind of unhappy vision, when he sees his future as unending, aimless drifting: Ii?? ll take my fifty bucks ani?? Ii?? ll stay all night in some lousy cat house. Or Ii?? ll set in some pool-room till everi?? body goes homei?? i??. In the sub-text of The Poor Relationi??

, Dickens is commenting on the Victorian society. Dickens is trying to say that in Victorian times it was hard to get respected. The most imperative quality at that time was being rich and being a businessman. Dickens is also saying that even if you are respected and are gracious you wont have as much associates as a person who is rich and a businessman. Money was the source to everything at that time, together with friendship. What the America people didni?? t understand was the fact that the American dream was the American nightmarei??. Thati??

s because only a limited number of Americans could achieve this dream and the rest would just have it as a wish. Everyone could not achieve this dream because all and sundry cannot be there own bossi?? s as this would lead to an economic collapse. This is why iti?? s described as the American nightmarei?? Both authors set their stories in there own times so they can comment upon it. They didni?? t write stories that were either in the future or the past. They established their stories on reality. Writing in the present increased the number of audiences for the book at that time.

The reason for that is because the audience can see themselves fit in to those circumstances. Consequently they would prefer this rather then something that doesni?? t match their circumstances. The narrative structure used by each writer is very different. Stienbeck has made a play-type of structure. Thati?? s because at the start of every chapter he describes the setting first and then starts the story. This is completely different to the way that Charles Dickens writes. Charles Dickens uses a frame story containing two inner stories, which are told by Michael.

In my opinion this is an arduous way of writing compare to that of Stienbecki?? s method. The kind of language that the writeri?? s use is completely different to each other but are both appropriate to the time they wrote in. Stienbeck uses a colloquial style with swear words and slang to add realism to his characters and situation. Like when George says If that crazy bastards foolini?? around¦ i?? this style of language was everyday language in that time. The language that Dickens uses is very sophisticated and ornate style; this was appropriate to his literate age.

The reason for that is because in that time people tried to gain respect and loyalty so therefore they had to use posh style language. Stienbeck and Dickens both use imagery but Stienbeck uses a lot of imagery compare to Dickens. The only important imagery that Dickens uses is that of the Castle of the Airi?? imagery, whereas Stienbeck uses a lot of imageries like in the first section of the book he says i?? On the sand-banks the rabbits sat quietly as little grey, sculptured stonei??. Another imagery that he uses is i??

A big carp rose to the surface of the pool, gulped air, and then sank mysteriously in to the dark water againi?? i?? Stienbeck uses a lot of different types of imagery where as Dickens uses a limited amount. Both of the authors are trying to state the fact that dreams doni?? t always come true. The society denies it one way or another. Michaeli?? s dream is impossible to achieve simply because a castle in the air is impossible to construct, but the atmosphere that he wishes to have is possible to have which is that he wants people to care and have admiration for him. George and Lenniei??

s dream is destroyed by the society, people who were in the bunkhouse. Their dream is destroyed by the society because Lenniei?? s mistake which led to his own death. This was very misfortunate for George and Lenniei?? s dream. Although the storyline of both of the books are different, the point that they are trying to make is very analogous to each other which is that dreams can be denied be society. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE John Steinbeck section.

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