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Published: 2019-10-10 12:14:24
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The rainforest is a beautiful place filled with fauna and flora. Is the rainforest being destroyed? In a matter of fact it is. It is caused by many reasons. The three most popular ones are logging, construction and especially furniture. This essay will discuss how we are destroying the rainforest.

The most significant danger to the rainforest of the three that will be outlined in this essay is logging. Logging can be used for many things. People mostly take up logging for the cold hard cash. But they do not consider the damage that they are doing to the rainforest, the plants and animals. The most dangerous form of logging is clear felling. Clear felling is when they wipe out a whole area of trees. To make logging more friendly, loggers can cut down selective trees. Cutting down selective trees will allow the other trees to grow a lot bigger. Therefore, logging is an easy way to earn cash but is really harmful for the environment.

Secondly, the rainforest is also at risk due to construction. Many houses are made of wood, which come from trees. When their houses need repairing they need to use the same material. Another one is when some one accidentally breaks the wall. They need to use wood to repair it. For people to get wood they need to cut down trees, which affect the rainforests ecosystem.

The utmost reason for logging is for furniture. If you look in your whole house you are guaranteed to find an object made out of wood. Whether it is a chair or a table. Wood products are used mostly because they are cheap. They are also easy to clean, which means wood is economical and efficient. That is all society thinks about. But people dont think about the trees they are cutting down from rainforests. They also need to think about animals habitats. Therefore, logging for furniture is good but also on the other hand, it is bad because it is destroying trees and animals habitats.

Is the rainforest getting destroyed? Are the animals habitats being destroyed? Are they doing for money, construction and furniture? Yes, yes and yes. Humans and their needs cause all these. We could prevent 50% of the forest being destroyed in an area. It is called selective logging. Selective logging is when you cut down the big tall trees and leave the small ones to grow.

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